Brainstorm Mix - Combined ideas diagram and undead creatures
I have made a little diagram showing of the presented ideas in this topic. If I have missed some ideas please let me know and I will add them Smile

I found this diagram to be very helpful in giving me a bigger picture of what is left to do, and what is requested the most. Some of these ideas may be implemented but not all of them.


As you all can see there have been a lot of monster requests, also room requests. So I was thinking about maybe introducing some undead into the game. We could start with making the Catacombs zone and add undead creatures such as Spectre, Risen and Necromancer.

I will talk this through with the BurningPet and CobraMode first before deciding anything, if you have input or ideas about this please let me know Smile
That's a pretty good idea to keep a diagram like that. Also, adding a Catacombs zone and the Necromancer will be a welcome addition if nothing else but to calm some of the negative feedback for impatient people looking for new content. 0.8j2 as far as I've seen playing it is really stable, and as far as performance goes is like night and day especially when playing at game speed 9. I have almost no lag even with a ton of mats on the ground, and the issue where production was slowing because of game speed is gone.

The write-up on this that Palandus made is a great reference, and I think is a good model to follow on the framework of the Necromancer & its Summons. Also, I think it would be good to include the room associated with this creature as a way to lead into all things magic. Seriously Unserious started a thread here which would be a good place to start, and the Alter that Palandus suggested as a feature to summon Specters. I really liked the idea of Specters being a limited time summon.

Do you think you will stay with the hybrid model for the Necromancer character?
New ingame content is always nice, but I'm really looking forward to see new saving menu. Current one is messy and when you are playing on multiple maps it gets confusing.
Speaking of saves, I updated the post you made Ardilor. Y'all should check it out.
Looks great rasmus id say i cant wait for this stuff to be implemented but i can wait and willwait for you to do this as you see fit for its addition

Will the catacombes be located under graveyards?
[Image: 5.jpg]

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