New Feature! Creature Mechanic - Something spooky
Do you notice anything spooky in this screenshot?

[Image: VFyEAFk.png]
Flappy the Bat, but how did you tame him? Big Grin
I caught Flappy in Jail so he became one of my minions, that was pretty cool, but what Kristian was 'pointing' to was the Spectors. So those are playable, or will they be Necro summons like it has been suggested back in the day?
Actually, the ghost you are seeing is a rogue-ghost. Why he is a ghost was because he died in the catacombs.

So in the next version we will have catacombs available, and any creature that dies there will be resurrected as ghosts and belong to the player that own the catacombs room. These ghosts will not equip items, eat, sleep, drink or do any work what so ever, they will not listen to rally flag calls either, or have any details shown for the player in the creature menu. The only thing they will do is fight for you if you own them.

So for the player they will work very well as defenders of the dungeon. Then in the future we can buildings/rooms that they will be drawn too, and by doing this indirectly create guard rooms.

Another idea I have been having is that the player could sacrifice a living creature to be able too resurrect a ghost creature, in that way we could sacrifice a lv 1 orc to get the lv 9 ghost orc back.

CobraMode is right now also working on a female undead creature that will roam the catacombs. She will have a physical body, but the idea is that she will control the ghosts, so where she goes, the ghost goes Wink
Seems like a big payout to sacrifice a lvl 1 Orc and get a lvl 9 Ghost. Are they just really weak and squishy?
lol didnt see them tilll i read further down had to take another look even after i saw them
[Image: 5.jpg]
Ah, no. I mean that it could be possible to give the level 9 orc his physical body back, but then another orc has to be sacrificed Smile
I see what you mean now. So each character would be able to be resurrected, but in ghost form. When in ghost form, that character can again be killed, so if it was a lvl 9 Ghost Orc, then you could sacrifice a living Orc (it wouldn't necessarily have to be a lvl 9 living Orc, a lvl 1 would produce the same effect) which would bring the Ghost Orc you lost back.

I think that would be pretty cool either at an Alter or Pit of the Damned. Considering the suggestion for a magic crafting room, perhaps if it is the Pit they are sacrificed to, it could have a similar design to what I suggested for an Arena. It was a sunken pit that could be built in the Training Room, so the Pit of the Damned could be a similar structure which is sunken in that magical room so an additional room wouldn't be necessary; you would just purpose that one for the Pit.
(18-02-2015, 06:59 PM)Rasmus Wrote: These ghosts will not equip items (...)

So no such things like this? Smile

[Image: models_10214_screenshot.jpg]

Makes sense for me regarding interdimensional, etherish nature of ghosts. I wonder how will they fight, if they cannot equip anything they'll need to use any non-physical powers that will affect others consciousness or something.

Also, maybe there will be a time to recall damned souls from their ghost dimension world which could later be materialized thanks to sinister, dark spells into terryfic Wraiths, Banshees or something like that?

[Image: nazgul_2.jpg]

I also wonder if there will be some special spells, traps, etc. that would need one or more souls to unleash something evil?
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(19-02-2015, 01:18 PM)Sebt Wrote: I also wonder if there will be some special spells, traps, etc. that would need one or more souls to unleash something evil?

That sounds fun Smile Maybe something we could try out!

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