My New Idea Creature Idea - Slogtrog (Elite)
"Hunger! Hunger!"
I should note before I begin that some concerns over weather or not the concept of 'elite' monsters is a good idea is up for debate. However, I still want to pitch and open up some ideas I have for a few of them up to the floor . So, everyone, jump on in.

Also, I think People are gonna hate me for this xD I just did a post to help save Artistic labor, and then I come up and suggest this guy..

To be written later.

Concept Art:
[Image: LQPvVt5.jpg]

Core Design Features:
While I have my own artwork, and own thoughts of how I think this creature should look and act. I don't think it's prudent to completely snuff out the idea of a complete redesign and the whims of the creature artist. So this is a list of the Slogtrog's core features needed to make the creature function as it should.

♦ Fat.
♦ Large, Large enough to feel as if he will block a 1 tile wide hallway.
♦ Primary attack is to curl into ball and roll, like a boulder, toward enemies. This means it must be designed so as to not have any of it's bits crash into the floor while rolling. The horns, in particular, would be a concern for this.
♦ Should be roundish, for the reason noted above.
♦ Modeled prop, Slogtrog Carrier.
♦ Pretty much every thing else can be ignored, or retooled at creature artist's discretion.

Optional Design Features
This is all the features in the drawing that can be ignored, and just pointing the out for clarification of my concept of the creature.

♦ Small wings on back incapable of flight, used to help the Slogtrog 'get up' from his sitting position if not on carrier. They flap vigorously whenever he needs to move, but lift him only enough so as to drag is feet upon the ground and slog his way forward. Animation should convey it is the added 'umph' of the strained wings that even allows the creature to move on his own at all whilst not rolling.
♦ Bib to convey both slobbish attitude and 'needy baby' like mentality.
♦ Small arms that reach little more than his massive mouth.
♦ Massive mouth, for 'bite' attack and further convey them being a demon of gluttony. This is borderline a core design feature.
♦ Crown to convey a more regal class of monster and shape a sort of better than thou attitude back up from his multiple needs.

Picky Eater:
Will only eat higher grade food, and eats a great amount of it. As of now, this means he would only eat bread. Meaning it would require hands to use wood to make the supply needed to keep this creature contented.

Imp Handlers
Slogtrogs are a more regal, higher class of daemoniod. And they expect to be waited on claw and sludge coated foot. Each Slogtrog operates similar to a room, requiring imp workers to tend to it's needs. Players must make sure they have a sufficient workforce to suit this creatures needs. Slogtrogs require imps for almost every activity aside from sleeping. Even food must be shoveled into there mouths by they're imp servants.

Linked to the quirk above. Each Slogtrog comes with a carrier that it will demand to be carried on from place to place. If he has to move on his own, for any reason other than combat (or training), he will loose mood rapidly.

A.. worth while investment?
It is not until level 4 that Slogtrogs gain there ability to 'rollypolly', there key battle ability in which they roll into a ball and boulder over enemy creatures. However, given it's tendency to simply wish to eat, sleep and do little else. Hands will find that getting this champion in a worthwhile condition for combat a chore all on it's own. Before this ability is gained. While it may have high hit points and defense, he is little more than a walking meat shield that can be easily overwhelmed.

Compromising infrastructure
The Slogtrog's 'Rolly Polly' ability damages walls whenever contacted by his rolling. The first hit will turn a normal wall into an unenforced wall. If he strikes and unenforced wall, he will destroy it.

Piggeh Affinity
Slogtrogs value good food above almost everything else. So, it's only natural that they see value in the humble, portly master chefs of the underworld. Among their 'lessers', Piggehs seem to be the only creature Slogtrogs put any sort of value in. Though, perhaps to a much more extreme point than what their deamoniod brethren can comprehend. If a Friendly Piggeh is attacked anywhere within a certain range of a Slogtrog, the Slogtrog will immediately go into a blind rage and begin Rolling (if available) toward the endangered piggeh. It will do so in a straight line, ignoring any pathways and simply 'rolling through' walls that are capable of being destroyed by their 'Rollypolly' ability. If The slogtrog does not have the ability to roll, it will remove itself from any carrier and walk there on it's own power. If a wall between it and the piggeh can not be destroyed, he will move to the next available block. Only choosing to navigate normally until a direct block between him and the piggeh can be destroyed.

Mama's Boy
The Same as 'Piggeh Affinity' but for the Dark Mother he is aligned to.

Unique Revolt
If angered enough to revolt, the slogtrog will not go into a rag and attack. He will simply overstress and explode, releasing a Aoe Acidic bile attack that does high damage to room and any creatures cause in the initial blast. At level Level 1-3 it's 5x5, Level 4-6 it's 10x10, level 7-10 it's 15x15. The area occupied by the blast will sizzle, the acid lingers for some time, doing damage to all that walk on it, eating away at the blocks it occupies slowly and contaminating the blocks below it as well. When this effect fades, all blocks afflicted become solid rock, leaving a massive, nonadjustable crater where the Slogtrog once was. All resources occupying the blocks will be lost. Players will, however, be able to 'pave ove'r the crater with constructed walls once the acid effect fades.

Waste Product
Slogtrogs periodically produce Deamonoplasm.
This feature cannot be implemented.

Highlight: Unruly but utterly devastating elite monster.
Acquired By: Evil.
Cost: ????
Attack Form: Melee, Blitz.
Armor: Maybe.. Um, harder to impliment, and he's quite a bit of work already. Just helmets if anything.
Attack Power: Strong
Defense: Insanely High.
Health Points: Insanely High.
Attack Speed: Slow
Movement Speed: Very, very Slow on root. Very Slow if carried. High when rolling.
Resistances: Physical 70%(?) / Magical 25%(?)
Job: Offensive Juggernaut.

Passive Abilities:
(P1) Weaken Walls: Rollypolly ability damages, or destroys walls on contact.
(P2) Block path: No creature can move 'around' a Slogtrog when in a 1x wide space.

Active Abilities:
(A1) RollyPolly: At level 4, gains the ability to curl into a boulder like ball and roll over enemies at a high speed. After gained, this will be the Slogtrog's primary attack power. Rolling over them and stopping after every few rolls to execute another Active Ability.
(A2) Bite: Bites enemies with his massive maw. Slow animation, large damage. At level 1-3, this hits a single unit. 4-6 it hits 2 units, 7-8 it hits 3 units, 9 it hits 4, 10 it hits 5.
Just my 2 cents: I think having Elite creatures is a good idea. Even better would be if they could be retained throughout the campaign like the mechanic in Warcraft 3 where your hero characters progressed with the game, and had their own inventory slots for passive and active items. The attributes make a lot of sense for this creature, and I wouldn't mind seeing something similar included in the game, minus the Imp handlers.

My only reservation is that while it would be nice to see some new creatures, which fortunately the next update will include, I would rather see that explored more once Dwelvers becomes a beta. Getting these core mechanics running smoothly, and building the framework for all future rooms and creatures to be built upon should really be the focus, and it would suck for ideas like this get forgotten because it's not fresh on the mind. Sure Sebt does a good job at organizing these in the list, but I'm sure there's stuff in there I've completely forgotten about including stuff I've suggested.
(22-02-2015, 11:05 PM)Mello Tonin Wrote: Just my 2 cents: I think having Elite creatures is a good idea. Even better would be if they could be retained throughout the campaign like the mechanic in Warcraft 3 where your hero characters progressed with the game, and had their own inventory slots for passive and active items.

That's cool idea, of course if in Dwelvers creatures could be transferred to the next levels like in DK 1, but this time with items. This mechanism would allow campaign makers creating specific items for creatures to carry which could find use in further campaign levels.

(22-02-2015, 11:05 PM)Mello Tonin Wrote: Sure Sebt does a good job at organizing these in the list, but I'm sure there's stuff in there I've completely forgotten about including stuff I've suggested.

Unfortunately Ideas & Game Features list due to lack of time is not being constantly updated. However, the search option is doing better job when now threads have prefixes and allow to find certain word in every post. I'm thinking about moving that list to Archive forum, but if it comes to game features all will be presented on website database pages.
What's more above 98% of the forum content is being forgotten. Actually it's way better to discuss things that would be implemented in current stage of development with whole community, each time there's a need to know what people would like to have in Dwelvers then creating something that would be put on shelve and being forgotten. Also game changes and something that was good before, but couldn't be implemented immediately, now we couldn't find proper use for it.
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Yeah, I mean not to discourage people sharing ideas, but I know we've had this conversation more than once about how it's really better to discuss things being presented as part of the current development like the Catacombs and Ghosts being presented currently. I agree this is a better way to do things because it's really easy to get side tracked on a really good idea like this one here, when the focus should be on the progression of development as Rasmus has in mind. I hope this one makes it on his idea matrix tho. Good stuff here Dav!
I made a reply here, but then, I realized the discussion it might spawn would be best kept within the Elite Monsters thread. Please go here and tell me what ya'll think.
Looks good sounds good but there is one bad how would someone aquire creature with the new progression system
And it sound like a legend of zelda goron minus the eating rocks
[Image: 5.jpg]
One such mechanism I liked for Elite unites comes from a game called Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns. If you've never heard of it and you love RTS, find it and buy it on CD if you can, but they also have it on Steam (I prefer owning my software media though). I know the original CD still installs on Windows 7, and wouldn't be surprised if it wouldn't also install well on 8. I broke it out a couple weeks ago and started running back through it again. It's tons of fun!

Anyway, the way you get Elites in this game is that you find a medallion where their spirit has been encased. You spend money to revive them, and you use them to lead battle groups. If they die, their level is reset and they return to the medallion where you have to spend money once more to awaken them and start the level progression over again. That would be an awesome port to Dwelvers, and you could find 'medallions' in Catacombs, although it would be nice to see something different than medallions. We had shards in Dwelvers at one time *hint hint*...

Yeah Slogtrogs do kinda remind me of Gorons too, but I don't think that's really that big a deal.
That's a pretty cool idea, Mello, but could we keep all discussion of general elite monster mechanics in the general 'elite monsters' thread at for ease of reference. Mind reposting your comment there, Mello? It's interesting and I have some comments on it, but I don't want to discuss it here for the reasons mentioned above.

As for you mushroom, I actually forgot about the Zelda gorons, but I totally see the similarities now. But I'm not to worried about that.
i like this creature idea but maybe the other trogs could be use for the carriers cause i prefer my imps for actual work and then the whole prioritys problem he sounds like he needs some micro management
Well, the functionality of him requiring imps is kind of up for debate. The idea I was going for originally was you needed to sacrifice a portion of your work force to have such a creature. It's supposed to be part of the cost of keeping him happy. More SLog troggs, less imps. I also played with the idea of imps under a certain level having a chance of dropping him on his carrier, causing him to insta kill them, or something similar to that, as that furthered that concept of sacrifice of work force versus combat muscle. But the idea was not formed enough to include in the pitch.

Still, the slog carrier thing might simply be to much in general, and might be considered being cut, if and when this creature, or a similar one was included.

Though, I suppose this idea of giving him smaller 'trogs' to aid him in the imps stead could be a reasonable alternative, sort of like a spiecalized work force just for him, perhaps with there own needs and a like.

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