Hello! That's all...
Hello to the community of Dwelvers. I've played your game and got the expression " Woah! Such early build but this game got me hooked."
Such amazing concept of the game you got, this will prove to be entertaining with the right idea and system. Thanks to the Towns website I was able to discover this game.

My hobbies are drawing almost any kind of stuff ( without the basic step to do ), watching anime ( always ), listening to JP musics ( half are VOCALOID ), playing interesting and entertaining game ( like Terraria, Stronghold Crusader, Fire Emblem, Resident Evil, Castlevania and especially Dwelvers ) and debating of what I believe.

Hope you will continue giving your best for the future of this game. ( Phew... Thanks I'm done typing. )
Welcome Big Grin
Hello, nice to meet ya. Wink Welcome.
I hope more followers will get to Dwelvers and could join our discussion about many aspects that are introduced and would be applied to the finished state of the game. Smile
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
Thank you... will contribute my ideas if I ever got one. This game shouldn't be led to waste cause it's way too good.
Hi and welcome Smile
No worries, Dwelvers will not be led to waste, it is to much fun working on it for me to start being lazy Wink
I thank the Towns team too, without them I would probably be several months behind by now Tongue
Always good to see a new face.

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