My New Idea Creature Mechanic - Warmth Mechanic
This is (finally) a more here and now mechanic. It is a means of giving creatures a 'warmth' rating, allowing for them to become cold, even freeze to death (in the future) or perhaps even overheat. As of now, it will not be as used as it could be in future installments of the game, and will primarily be used for Lizardmen, or my evolved version of the creature concept Monitors, who will be more heat sensitive than other creatures, being as they are coldblooded. This will serve as one of their primary Quirks.

In the future, I believe seasons could be implemented, allowing this mechanic to become more universal amongst all creatures in times of winter. A good thing about this mechanic is it will take little to no artistic resources to implement, as both fireplaces in bedrooms, and lava could serve as primary sources of returning warmth to creatures. I believe there was also a fireplace that was once in game that could be applied to neutral areas that could be returned to use, since it is already been implemented in the past. So this mechanic will give more value to some art resources in the game rather than require more to become up and running.

However, I should also warn that this mechanic may and likely will require new art resources to be included, now and in the future.

This is not really a 'sexy' mechanic like a lot of others. But I do think this will add a lot of flavor to the game and should be considered. This mechanic is primarily inspired by the game Don't Starve. So one could look to that game for ideas and inspiration when contemplating this mechanic.

Core Concept
I'm going to start doing this for everything I do. Putting up 'core' this or that just to sort of put forth the overall goal of whatever concept is being presented. Because, well, there's several ways one could go about doing things, but it's important to have an idea of what the core is of what a concept is trying to accomplish. So, here goes.

The Objective of this concept is to introduce an element of environmental danger to the game by including the feature of creatures being susceptible to cold.

Here and now, the concept is targeted for the inclusion of Lizardmen, or my slightly evolved concept of lizardmen, called Monitors, that I will be writing up after this is completed. So, writing up this first is a means of allowing this mechanic to be refereed to during that write up.

While this mechanic is being written up with with lizardmen. This post will be posted with the goal of this mechanic being included universally across all creatures with possible future mechanics, mainly, the concept of seasons and weather.

Therefore, it is important to note that this write up will be including various variables and alike to plan ahead for those features, and thus, might seem convoluted when one looks at the short term goals of it strictly applying to the lizardmen.

That's important because that means that this mechanic -can- be simplified for the purposes of it being included now. But I urge those considering it's implementation to consider the any building blocks that could be placed within any simplification, to make room for it to grow into a larger, more universal mechanic later if and when the need arises.

Still, all that being said, here is the core concept as it stands now:
To construct a system to include heat sensitivity to the game for the purposes of the Lizardman's need of retaining heat as one of their primary quirks.

It is also important to note that the lizardmen will be more sensitive to freezing and loosing warmth than other creatures, therefor, this post will need to be set beside the spiecal needs of the lizardman, to fully get the big picture of how this mechanic will work for them.

Numbers Representing Warmth
Warmth is property for creatures that will be displayed along side things like hungry, health, thirst, and alike. There is two ways I think it could be handled. One is connecting the stat to an actual, real like temperature, in Celsius. The other is to give a simple numeral assignment that represents a real temperature.

Option 1: Numeral Representation
I have made this option one because I think it will be easier to implement, and manage. This is a point representation of heat that can be more loosely translated. Allowing for elements such as the numeral representations of being warm, overheating, and freezing to be at more rounded numbers. Here is how it the numbers might translate in this option.

0 - (-50): The creature is freezing.
0-49: The creature is cold
50-100: The creature is Warm

Option 2: Real Temperature
Another option would be to use actual Celsius degrees to indicate how warm, or how cold a creature is. And, while more factual. This might be hard to implement with the math behind it, since the numbers between what is cold, warm, freezing, and alike, won't be as stable numbers or spacing.

List of Variables
This is a mock up list of variables that will be needed for this mechanic. Bare in mind, while I tried to put in every and all variable I could think of, other variables will likely need to be brainstormed and implemented.

This is a representation of how warm a creature is. This variable is connected to a single unit, and is effected by several other variables. This is the only property visible to the player. All other variables operate in the code 'behind the scenes'. With the acceptation of the Environmental Temperature, and, perhaps, the Insulation Rating.

Environmental Temperature:
The temperature of the world around the creatures. The Environmental Temperature of the surface world is not always the same as that of the underground, which has a more stable, constant temperature. The Environmental Temperature of an area can also be made warmer or colder depending on Heat sources, Cold sources, or other factors. Making the actual temperature of an area, refereed to as the Area Temperature .

Temperature Buff/Debuff:
These are representations of the factors that either raise or lower the Area Temperature in relation to the Environmental Temperature. Buffs refer to things that raise the temperature, Debuffs refer to that which lowers the temperature.

Area Temperature
The Area Temperature is a representation of the true temperature around a creature. However, this is far more localized than the overall Environmental temperature, For example, a fire will apply a Temperature Buff to the Area Temperature around the fire, but only within a certain range. Outside that range, the Area Temperature will mirror the Environmental temperature exactly, unless other factors are present to apply Temperature Buffs, or Debuffs to that area.

Creature Insulation
This is the variable of natural insulation every creature has. Creature insulation will vary from species to species. Some being more insulated, and therefor, more resistant to cold, than others.

Insulation Buffs
Certain armors will help the sum Insulation Rating of a creature. Warmer armor, such as say, barbarian armor, will offer a Insulation Buff. While some other clothing might offer no Insulation Buffs at all.

Insulation Rating:
This is the sum property given to creatures, indicating how slowly they loose warmth to reflect the Environmental Temperature. It is a combination of Creature insulation, and a combination of all Armor Insulation Buffs. The higher the number, the slower the creature's Chilling Rate.

Heating Rate:
This Variable represents how quickly or how slowly creatures will gain heat from the Environmental Temperature. For example, being near a fire will raise warmth of a creature faster than simply being in an area with a warmer Area Temperature. Therefor the creation and need of this variable.

Chilling Rate
This Variable represents how quickly or how slowly creatures will loose heat from the Environmental Temperature. This variable is effected primarily of the Isolation Rating of a creature.

Freezing Damage:
Freezing damage is a 'ghost' damage, a damage to a creatures hit points that is temporary and exists only while they are in a state of freezing or cold. It, by itself, or in combination with actual damage can kill a creature, however, if a creature has it's warmth returned to them, all freezing damage is returned to the sum of their hit points. To have there Freezing damage returned to their hit point pool, creatures must have theirWarmth returned to them high enough to be considered 'warm' (50-100 in the example option 1 above). The Higher within the state of being Warm, the quicker it will return.

Gaining and Loosing Warmth
Creatures loose or gain heat depending on the Area Temperature around them. Underground, all creatures will be rather comfortable. It having an Environmental Temperature of 70 (based on option 1). Meaning the Area temperature will be far more stable as well, and leaning more toward being warm.

Producers and Reducers of Warmth:
I'm going to take a moment here to make an example list of some objects and conditions that will produce, or subtract Warmth.

Provides a Temperature Buff and Heating Rate Buff to a limited amount of Area Temperature around it's location.

Provides a Temperature Buff and Heating Rate Buff to a limited amount of Area Temperature around it's location. These buffs and the area effected are significantly higher than that of a fireplace. Because Lava takes no fuel to remain active in producing heat, players will find that building Lizardmen beds near lava to be the best, and cheapest means of keeping them warm and happy.

Magma Golem (not implemented)
Provides a Temperature Buff and Heating Rate Buff to a limited amount of Area Temperature around it's location. Making this unit something of a portable fireplace.

Provide small Temperature Debuff and increases Chilling Rate by a minimal amount to the Area Temperature around it's location. This means while one ghost will do little to effect the Area Temperature around it's location, a lot of ghosts in one place will drop the Area Temperature and increase the Chilling Rate astronomically.

Other things that could Produce Heat:
Baking tables, forges (went being used), fire spells, just to name a few.

Other Examples of the Mechanic in Action.
Frost Spells
In most games, Frost spells hurt the target hit, and perhaps slow them down a little. However, with this mechanic in place, Frost and Ice Spells will now afflict a whole new set of damaging effects on it's target.

Frosts spells now not only do some base damage, but would hurt things like a creature's Isolation factor, and severely increase their chilling rate as well as subtracting Warmth. Meaning it could send creatures panicked and fleeing in search of a heat source such as fire.

Sub Mechanics and Features
Other mechanics and features that could be added in support of this Warmth Mechanic.

Stroke that Fire!
Things like fire places could now require wood to produce heat, meaning building them would require one to commit a steady supply of that resource to it to keep it operational. Having a fireplace, or any fire lit, should be something a player would have the control to turn on or off.


Okay, so that's all I can think of for this mechanic. Once again, not really a sexy mechanic, but a cool one, at least I think. I doubt I'll get as much feed back and excitement on this mechanic as some others, given it's mostly all stats and variables. But, perhaps I'll be surprised. Like always, any and all feedback, or questions relating to this is welcome and loved.

Until next time, take care, fellow monsters of the deep dwelve.

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