Solved & Confirmed 0.8k - Windowed mode problems
Sind there is some issue with screenshots i wanted to go windowed and try this way. It turned out that i just cant go windowed mode. I see new window on the taskbar, i hear sound, but it is only on taksbar. If i click it sound stop, as if it get minimized, and start again if i try maximize it. But there is no way to see the actual window. There is no crasch or anything. When i rightclick and close it, i see for a second window with some debug info about closing app.

Another try was to switch to window once game is launched. I remember it was possible. But no effect this time. No hotkeys work. But when i ALT+TAB i see game as window, and i can move it around like any other, with buttons at top-right corner. Shouldn't it be hidden on taskbar only, instead of staying on screen? Anyway i can't do much there except moving window and watching cursor changes into hand. If i click there it goes back to fullscreen immediately.

I run Win 7 with GTX 680 at single monitor 1920/1200 (16/10). Not sure what else should i post about my system.
Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
I want to bump this one because I believe it got solved with the 0.8k version!

Set as solved but need confirmation!
I'm not having any troubles when I switch to Windowed mode. I hardly ever use it so I didn't get a chance to experience what Ufol did if that was in a previous version.
Quote:I want to bump this one because I believe it got solved with the 0.8k version!
It is from 0.8k2 all the time Rasmus.

The thing is still there as it was.
Unticking fullscreen from launcher won't allow it to go in windowed, and the game will remain hidden instead.
Hovering over taskbar box shows actual game window, but there is no way to bring it on screen.
[Image: f7Xnlj0.png]

When run game with fullscreen ticked and alt+tab the game does not hide in taskbar, but remain as window with fullscreen resolution. It let me to move it around. What is annoying is that while it does not hide in taskbar it often appear right in front covering all other windows and forces to do some unconvienient moving around to open window you want. Minimising ANY window causes it to immediately get focus and get fullscreen again. If there is no other application the game wont even switch to desktop but will flicker for a sec and get focus back immediately.
[Image: 4tiBflP.jpg]

Also numerous tries to switch between fullscreen and back produces "fullscreen failed" error every few tries. After i click OK it goes fullscreen back as normal. Why is that error there? If it can recover and keep going just fine, i see no reason to bother me with it - let it just try maximise for a second time, or just autoclick that OK button Smile

To sum up - there is no way for me to get windowed mode. Also Alt+Tab doesn't hide game and it remain partly in focus obscuring view. Although i can live without windowed mode, the Alt+Tab issues are pissing me off. Can get quite annoying if you need to switch between several windows quickly.
I wonder if it may not be related to the other issue that brought up the 'full screen failed' error. Maybe this will go away in the next version as that full screen issue looks to be solved in next version? I guess we'll have to see.
It might be so. I suppose next version is about to be out soon, as there is little bugs left to solve. I'll try to take a look at this once it's done.
Ok, I've got this one figured out. What is happening is if you don't reduce your resolution below the current Desktop resolution, then you will get the result you had; Dwelvers will run, music in background, scroll over taskbar icon and thumbnail visible and active, but you can't click to view the game. If you reduce your resolution to something less than your Desktop resolution, Dwelvers runs just fine.
Ahhh, thank you a lot for that input Mello Big Grin +2 rep for you (I can't give +3 anymore for some reason... Do you have a hand in that Sebt? Wink)
I will mark this as unsolved and then solve it later today.
Solved with the next version!

The issue was this:
If you have a windows screen height of 1080. Then the program gets the windows screen height of 1080 - (taskbar height) = 1040
Then the user then choose the Dwelvers windowed resolution height of 1080.

When the window height position is centred we get (1040 - 1080) / 2 = -20 (meaning that the Dwelvers window y position get -20).
Now this isn't a problem unless I used the wrong data type when storing the number. I used an "unsigned integer" which means that it can't get a negative value, instead when going below 0 it starts over with the highest number the data type can have.

So in conclusion:
The window will be visible on the computer screen as long as it is positioned somewhere between -1080 and 1080 in y-axis.
The problem was that it got positioned at the y-axis location: 2147483628
Dwelvers alpha 0.9b released, this one is solved but need confirmation!
This one is solved. The window now shows up on screen.
Thank you Smile

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