New Feature! Environment Mechanic - Let us go outside!
So I have started on merging the surface world with the dungeon world. The first step was to enable rally flags on the surface and to generate portals at the same location as they are generated in the dungeon.

Like this:


My first action here is to be able to get creatures to follow the rally flag to the surface. This isn't that much work... I think Tongue Path findings are already activated on the surface as well as in the dungeon, the only thing missing is the connection between these two path finding algorithms.

Once we get the creatures to the surface I believe we should start putting some enemies up there and some houses with treasure chests in to plunder.

One thing that comes to mind with all this is that the squad system should be implemented with this as well so that we can do efficient raiding Smile
YES!!! to the squad system. I know that's one of those suggestions that's been pretty well discussed, but was waiting for the right time to implement. This is really gonna open things up and it'll be nice to be able to bring ruin to the surface world. Can't wait! You think this will come with the release of version 9 in the beginning, or a later revision?
oooo... One step closer to world domination.Smile

Sounds good that you are getting to this one; definitely awaiting to see what happens, and what options there are for the surface.Big Grin
Hopefully we could regrow trees up there? Some overworld rooms (huts?) to build maybe? Enemies building up? More respawn? Or tresures respawn? Fortresses which improve defences (or just more defenders) with each successful raid? Creatures obtainable only through surface like elves? (those "nasty", non-gay elves, preferably)

Talking about squad (YAY!), there may be an easy way to do it. Just one more room in the dungeon, with some weaponry (it could actually serve as an armory after few weponshelves/armorstands ar built) and table with nice half teared, bloodstained map with burned corners and dagger sticking on top of it.
Once at least map is placed rightclick menu would let you form a squad (drag & drop from creatures menu? - creature levels would be useful to show up in portraits at the bottom of the window).
Single squad could be as big as room, and can be assigned to one of 4 tasks - nothing/idle, guard room, patrol (with use of built posts or just another type of flags availible from room menu only) and raid (or direct command) which would probably be just another rally flag specific to that squad.
There was a pretty lengthy discussion on a guard room last year when we were just throwin ideas around. You should check it out, there was a lot of good ideas there on how it could be used. Check it out over here if you like.
I will try to get a simplified version of the raiding system implemented with the next version, that will be the 0.9 version Smile

So here we have some surface houses Smile


Had to build one underground as well Wink Don't know if that will be available later on, I can imagine some special characters living in it.

Building with a roof? I wonder if there will be an option to see what's going on inside the building, i.e. click or hover mouse on roof to make the roof transparent in 90% and so be able to see what it hides below.
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We will have the roof see-though when the hand hovers it.
good work guys
will we have to own the building to see inside cause i kinda want to see the cowering humans as i attack
[Image: 5.jpg]
We will be able to look inside even if we don't own the house Smile

I accidentally released some imps in the surface world:


Seems like they like making parking lots out of the nature :S
Imho, there should be some price to claim tile in overworld - lots of stone Smile You could mark tiles to claim similar to how you build rooms underground.
I changed the roof model/texture after a request from burningpet Smile Personally I believe it looks much better now, maybe it could need some more "straws" on the flat roof. Also, some new furniture have been added to the houses.


Looks much better. Smile

About Imps making a park lot - maybe they could still claim tiles, but the way of claiming tiles could look different?
I started a brainstorm discussion about this here: An alternative look for claimed areas.
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy

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