My New Idea Creature Idea - Spitaur and her minions
half spider half woman(cause the only girls in game are a few imps and the darkmother)like a centaur half horse half man


is a ranged unit that can use web traps, a bow and arrows,and seduction on humans
only 1 on the map but once found you can produce more from the dm found in the caves or cyclotaur lair
on a scale of 1-10,10 being evil id rate her a 8
dislikes imps greatly, thinks orcs are slobs, and likes the cyclotaurs and impanzees

will not listen to the rally flag (and becomes a banshee in the catacombs)

spiderlings just smaller versions of her but these are guys and the throw darts
[Image: 5.jpg]
Reminds me of a Drider...(AD&D-Forgotten Realms reference)

Anyway this sounds pretty interesting, as we have few range combatants so far. I could imagine the bed would be a nest of webs.Smile
I was thinking of a drider like character that could be masterful at tailoring more robe like garbs, naming her 'the seamstress', sort of tying it in with the whole spider silk thing. But it was a pretty rough idea, and it's riding dangerously close to DK2, what with them having the Maiden of the nest.
Good idea for some elite creature. Together with pack of giant spiders. I'd rather call her just Weaver or Silk Maid.

One thing there though - non humanoid creatures would have some problems sitting in bar room to eat, because of their shape. Will she try to sit there anyway, or maybe hunt on her own, or let minion spiders gather food for her and store it in lair as cocoons of spiderweb. Flappy the Bat would have some practical use then Smile
Weaver sounds nice. Still like 'The Seamstress' though. And, I'm not keen on 'silk maid'. But as I said, 'the Weaver' sounds nice.

She could an an elite, but that idea isn't really hammered out as being implemented, yet, and really, I was just thinking her to be a minion. Just one that excels at tailoring garbs. I called her 'the seamstress' the same way the introduction posts of rogues and piggehs as 'the rough (rogue)' and 'the piggeh'.

Hm, the concern for the seamstress (or weaver or whatever) not being able to sit at the table is not something I considered. That is an interesting technical snafu, isn't it?
I don't see any problems with it sitting at the table. Just have to think how a spider sits. Curls legs under them while on the seat. Or could just wrap the seat with the legs. This would depend of course how big she is.

tailor hmm... think seamstress would work for the actual job/task she would do. spider thread is quite strong, as long as it does not dry out, or is it the moisture gets squeezed out... Seen a show where they presented using spider silk made from... goats... Don't ask. ><

Anyway it would fit. Not all creatures as put above need to sit at the table in the bar room, but if they must there is always a way.Smile
i like this idea but the chair sitting problem is a well problem i think if they were large enough they could just ignore the stool and walk up to the table grab some food and walk away as she eats
and maybe call her black widow or some kind of spider mixed with a womans name
as for her minions i would make the small daddy long legs and they would just step onto the stool grab some food and walk away
and maybe add some other bug related units like bees or ants but what could you mix those with
Widow has a nice ring to it, or some play on the word. I still like Seamstress, though, mostly because it has a kind of horroresk scarey children's tale ring to it, to me.

But I think that might just be me. Perhaps 'the Widow Weaver', playing on 'widow' the spider, 'weaver' her profession, and the fact she weaves, or 'makes' widows, aka makes widows of her victim's wives?

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