Solved & Confirmed 0.8k-2 - Piggeh doing odd jobs
I've suspected this was going on, but hadn't really captured it until today. This Piggeh was getting ready to build a bridge according to the status window, but what is really going on is they are trying to deliver building material to a job site, the material is deposited, and then there is a failed to deliver item message in the history.

I had believed that Piggehs were also going out and picking up items to deliver to storage. This would cause agitation sometimes if the distance was long enough to return, although I'm not exactly certain that was the task they were on.

[Image: V9w2.jpg]
I was about to post this problem too, but constantly forgot to do so.

I noticed piggehs tend to mess in with transporting items. Imho they are terribly slow, and shouldn't move items outside of coockery. And surely they shouldn't supply building sites and other rooms, coz their lack of speed just block whole process.
Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
Solved with the next version!
Dwelvers version 0.9 released, this bug is solved but need confirmation.
I believe this one is fixed. It seems like they still have pickup and delivery tasks, but I think this is related to the Cookery only. Does that make sense?
Yeah, I think I saw them do something odd as well at some point but I believe as you that it is related to the cookery room. Keep an eye out for piggehs picking up and delivering without a chefs hat Tongue

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