My New Idea Creature Mechanic - Class System for equipment
A while back, Sebt informed me it was the aim of Dwelvers to use equipment as a means of dictating what skills creatures get, and how the progress in terms of skills. But there is a problem now, as the auto equip feature included some time a go is counter intuitive to that aim, as it forces all creatures of the same species to prioritize there equipment. This concept is meant to solve that issue.

The first thing that comes to mind when one says 'class system', is the idea of predetermined classes, such as orc warriors and orc Magi. And while that is not entirely untrue, it will not be handled by the means of clicking predetermined classes at a certain level, but rather, by allow players to creature priority equipment classes within the same spieces and assinging individual monsters under there command to them, thus allowing player to 'make' there own classes.

The Short
A means of separating the equipment priority for creatures within the same species to allow for better control, and diversification within the same monster species. Each created class would determine the weapon and armor priority of the creatures assigned to it, and would have there own 'sub' rally flag, even allowing players to name the groups of equipment priority, thus, allowing a personal touch for the players.

How it could work

The creature menu would have a new tab, labeled 'classes'.

Clicking it would open that tab, which might look like this.

Create New Class [+]
Classes Created (Each, one by one from here down until run out.)
Unclassified Creatures
All Creatures

The Create class button would create a new class, allowing the player to name it. let's say we're under the orc section, We'll namemake 2 new classes and name our classes 'Orc Decimators', and 'Orc Warriors'

We'll then set the equipment of the 2 classes. They will be about the same, Bone > iron > leather armor. But the Decimators will favor 2 handed hammers, and the Warriors one handed swords and shields.

They then could look below at the 'Unclassfied Creatures' and 'All creatures', which would show portraits of all the orcs, the unclassified one showing all orcs that have yet to be assigned a class by the player, the 'all' showing all orcs regardless if they have a class or not.

Now, let's say their are 10 orcs. We can drag and drop there portraits from the 'unclassified' section, to the classes we wish them to now have. We'll say 2 Decimators, and 8 warriors.

Badda bing, badda boom. Now we would have 8 orcs with swords and shields, and 2 orcs with 2 handed hammers. Each having it's own rally flag, allowing for more diverse tactics. If one wanted to change the classes of orcs later on, they could return to this tab, find the orc they wish to change either in the group it's located, or in the 'all' tab, and just drag and drop him into whatever class group they wanted them to become. Such as, later on, if we wished for 2 of those orcs to become smiths. The player could create a 'smith' class in the class tab and and drag and drop a few of there warriors in there and assign the equipment priority for this class to tailor more toward equipment beneficial of a smithy.

Make note I'm not suggesting prerended classes, but the ability to allow players to 'make' classes through customization and grouping of equipment prioritization. A happy medium allowing for the functionality of Ramus's equipment prioritization, with the diversity of allowing equipment to dictate functionality and level advancement of creatures. Decimators and Warriors could just as easily be named by the player 'fuff fuffs' and 'zugglebutts', and could be as complicated, or as simple as the player wished them to be.

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