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Brainstorm Environment Idea - Partly fog of war
To make the game a little bit more surprising I have been having some ideas about introducing another layer of fog of war that only disappears when there are player owned building or creatures nearby. This fog of war would hide enemy movements but still show the terrain as it was the last time a player owned creature took a look.

This would enhance the need for guard posts and patrolling. And also make strategies like sneaking up on enemies much more efficient. What do you think?
I'm down. Many games are made this way, and I prefer the challenge. Gotta have those guard rooms first of course, but it think it should also should apply to any area of control so this would include your roads or at the very least we should have some kind of alarm we can post up so it's not a complete surprise. The Alarm Traps were pretty cool in DK were it would auto generate a Rally Flag, which might be a good idea here too.
Can be fun. But remember to leave an option to turn it off when starting new game.
I think this would be a good feature.
So one idea could be to make the part of the dungeon that aren't directly visible by any creature a grayscale look?
That is how I would have thought it would be done, while the blackness would be the undiscovered. Although units and things not in line of sight; in the greyscale area will not show up until LOS is met.

So yes, I think that might work.
That would be interesting to see, I'm down for the greyscale.
I actually thought of something similar to this before, for that 'treasure chests and influence' idea I pitched in one of these recent posts. In my head, I had always seen the 'out of influence' sections as blurry and non descript. If a monster under your control was commanded to move out into an area such as this, it would become visible, but only within a certain range of the monster, basically, as far they could see. Your monsters basically acting as your 'influence' in the area.

But a classic 'greyed over' look, like from warcraft could work for this, and would likely be far less work than getting the blur effects to look right.

In short, I think this 'partly fog' thing should be intertwined with the idea of influence. Whatever form Influence happens to shape into in the future.
I agree, I believe that the blur effect could be really hard to get right. As long as it is visible for the player what area are hidden and not this should work.

Haven't had the time to work on this one yet. But I am really excited to get started on it very soon Tongue
I just had to implement this feature today Tongue
This is the result!


As you can see I didn't go with the gray scale, it looked way to... Ugly...
So what I did was just to lower the light with 50% outside the LOS and then add a weak and thin white line at the border to make it more visible where the LOS ends...

Learned something new today. LOS = Line of sight. Thank you Tamorr Smile
Nice, too bad the greyscale didn't turn out.
This is actually the look I assumed you meant. o3o A 'greyed over', or more 'darkened over' look, the same used in Warcraft and many other RTS games.
Youe really like borders Smile It's looking pretty good, but i'd blurr the border a bit so it blends with environment and resemble light edge instead of sharp while stripe.
Yeah, borders sux! Big Grin I second UfoL's suggestion, let player see like everything behind is slowly go darker, like whenever you enter the cave light is disappearing smoothly.
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I would have to say yes. And even take it a step further and say it's always bothered me on that the creatures get white boarders when you hover over them. But one thing at a time, I suppose.

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