Feature Upgrade Room Mechanics - The knights and the rogues has finally gotten their bed breakfast!
The knights and the rogues has finally gotten their bed breakfast Smile




Thank you BurningPet for the hammock Wink
Nice hammocks! That knight looks pretty uncomfortable tho Smile
It's the armor.

Other knights, they straight frontin'. I'm so noble I wear dis shit ta bed, yo'.
Knight for life!
Pretty cool and right about time.
I think that knights could sleep on side - in this position bent legs and back are more natural and too short bed would not be that much visible. Also knights beds could be a bit more narrow - now they are little too short, but wide like double bed.
When i thought about knight's beds earlier i imagined it would resemble something like sword-throne from game of thrones. Not necessarily chair made of swords here, but sturdy, heavy steel armchair visually (colors and ornaments) similar to knights armor.
It is possible that the knight bed will be replaced, right now it is the same bed as I made for the humans in the houses at the surface world. And you are probably right about their laying position, it could be better if they were on the side.

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