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New Feature! Environment Mechanic - Repairing enabled

Now we have an option to repair different objects in the dungeon with a simple click instead of waiting on them to regenerate their health. The main reason why this feature got implemented now is because we need a repair option for the fences. In the next update I will make it so that when a fence is damaged enough it will not be destroyed, it will only get a new model that shows that it is possible for the enemy to walk right over the fence, then the player will have to repair it again, or sell it and build a new one.

Why I am interested in getting this feature for the fences is because the buildings on the surface has the same "physics" as the fences, only with roof on. And I can't have it so that destroying a wall will shrink the house, then the creatures will never be able to get inside.
Awesome. Wicked even. I think that this can have function not only for what you describe, but for other things in the future not yet imagined. Plus, I like the idea of destroying a house making it impossible to get inside.
Good thing here! However i'd try to expand this feature to every structure and room - it would save a lot of clicks.

I think cracks are a bit too thick - looks like made by spray paint. More thinner cracks would do better i think. Some brighter edges could accent the cracks and give them more depth.
How do you mean "expand this feature to every structure and room", right now the player will have to click on the structures he wants to get repaired. Do you think it will be to many clicks repairing everything?

About the cracks. This is standard cracks that gets applied to all objects in the dungeon that are damaged. I know it looks ugly on some structure while it may look okay on others. Just see this as a placeholder for now, I will probably make different models for when they are damaged in the future. In the same way as I want to make different models for when a building is being built.
You mentioned earlier that damaging certain structures would not cause them to be deleted, but remain in destroyed/unfunctional state untill manually repaired.
What i meant in my previous post was to apply that mechanics to rooms and their improvements as well (unless you did that alredy), not only walls, statues and few others. This way player afer succesfully defending dungeon from invading enemies would have some remains of his dungeon still there, but in need of repairing. I personally don't like manually placing blueprints trying to remember where everything was placed - especcially when eager imp sweep all materials back to the storages before i manage to set all building orders, just to carry it back a minute later.

With such damage and repair system applied to every buildable entity there would be ready layout of previous dungeon that only needs to be repaired. If player would have only to click to repair it, then it would indeed save lot of clicks needed to pick every room to build and every other improvement to place. It would save even more clicks if one could just drag an area he wishes to repair things in - no block after block mouse smacking.
Furthermore if you plan on some capture mechanism, then after battle is over the winner can claim and repair damaged rooms and improvements that belonged to loosing side - not just let imps sweep the resources and get the hell out.

Also new idea here:
I think that loosing structures could actually have some material penalties apart of building time only. Some of the resources (1/3 or 1/4?) would be lost if something is destroyed - once broken stone or plank can't be unbroken right? And breaking stuff occurs often when enemy is attacking your rooms. To repair damaged structure one would have to resupply lost resources first. If not, player will have choice to sell/salvage debris to retrieve remaining resources, at the cost of loosing another 1/4 of original resource yeld. This way losing some of your structures would actually mean some loss, instead of instant rebuild since destroying grants 100% refund for now. Even succesfull defender would need to spend additional resources to recover, thus meaning a strong enemy when cut of resources can be gradually weakened and starved of materials by frequent raids, then finished of more easily. Also conquering unbuildabe (undiscovered/unique) or expensive endgame rooms would have much more sense than just dismantling and rebuilding everything back next to DM.

Hope i am clear this time Smile
Looking forward for an update :]

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