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Finally I managed to get a creature inside a human house.


There were some issues with the way the creatures were handling attacks on buildings, and I am guessing that this issue is similar to this bug described here: http://forum.dwelvers.com/showthread.php?tid=1320

You can also see in the screenshot that the wall in to the house have been destroyed but not deleted. As I mentioned in previous news the walls of the house have the same "physics" as fences, meaning that when a farmland fence got destroyed by the enemy it just shrunk the farmland, and the enemy were never able to get in. This issue is solved by allowing enemies that have destroyed a fence walk right over it, in the same way as is shown in this picture.

Next up I am working more with the squad systems, you can see in the lower right part of the screenshot that I have enabled a quick selection option so that creatures can be assigned to a squad number with "ctrl + key-number". Well, more about that tomorrow Wink

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