Dwelvers Journal 2015.05.19 - The surface world and the Evil Meter!
The surface world explained

The idea with the surface world have always been to give the player an option to raid it and annoy the humans. This is now possible!


As seen here we now have houses, knights and chests put out all over the surface world. We are going to put in more human and building variation in future versions, but first we must make sure that this is working as it should Smile

Every time the player takes over a portal in the dungeon, he will also get a passage up to the surface world. When the player uses the rally flag on the surface world creatures will be told to go up through the portal. Once on the surface the creatures will destroy any building they get close enough to, if there are enemies nearby these will of course be prioritized over the buildings.

Inside some of the houses there will be chests, once the house where the chest is has been destroyed an imp will walk up through the portal to open the chest and pick up all the goodies.

The evil meter

To give the player some extra rewards when raiding the surface we introduced the evil meter.


When a building on the surface is destroyed the evil meter will fill up. The more filled the evil meter is the more the humans will hate you and attack you through the portals. A plus for the player is that the more filled the evil meter is the more experience will the player's creatures also gain through battle. So if the player has a strong enough army or have built enough traps it can be really beneficial to raid the humans.

Future plans for the surface

Remember, this is only the first prototype of the surface world, more content will come later on. There have been a lot of ideas presented about what the player will be able to do on the surface, there will probably be some limitations, such as not being able to build rooms and such on the surface. But ideas like only being able to harvest certain materials on the surface is something I really like Big Grin Also, in the 0.9+ versions I will probably do something about the wood gathering, like reducing the wood in the dungeon and give the player the ability to chop down trees on the surface.

Website improvements

I don't know if you have noticed, but I did make some changes to the website a week ago as you can see here: http://dwelvers.com/
  • The "buy now" banner got a "stronger" message.
  • Inserted a news feed widget that displays the latest forum posts.
  • Changed the "Sign up for the news crow" message so that the user only need to give up his or her email address to get the latest news (also an un-subscribe option as been added to the mails that are sent out.)
  • A twitter news feed added with some screenshots.
  • My face added to http://dwelvers.com/pre-order/ so that they have someone to blame when things go wrong Tongue

What's left?

Not much, I have to do a proper play through and fix all the minor issues that may arrive. The tutorial needs to be updated. Once this is done the 0.9 version will be released.

The next Dwelvers release will be handled differently than the last release to avoid releasing it with game-breaking bugs to the majority. I will release it on the Dwelvers website only to those that have purchased it though the Dwelvers website, this is so that I can get some bug-testing done and find the most urgent bugs. Once the bugs have been found and solved I will release it on Steam (this should not take more than a day or two).

If you want to be a part of the pre-release bug-testing and have only bought the game on Steam, please contact me through http://dwelvers.com/contacts/ and we can probably solve it Smile
Hmm, if I could I would change feed widget border color to #222222 or to black. :p

Great news BTW, I wonder if in the end player will have full control over his minions on the surface like it has under the ground. Smile
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The player will have control over the creatures above ground like selecting squads and moving them around.

How about this "non-border" Tongue
Lol, borders...So I got a new coffee pot since my last one which was probably older than I am finally quit. I would really like to give it a proper break in this weekend if possible if ya know what I mean. I'm so ready to start bringin the fight to the humans!

On a side note the new ticker is a pretty cool idea, but I noticed the images in your slider are only displayed at 1px x 1px. Didn't really look into why, but figured I'd let you know. Also the music link for Imp Dance is broken on the music page.
(20-05-2015, 05:26 PM)Rasmus Wrote: The player will have control over the creatures above ground like selecting squads and moving them around.

How about this "non-border" Tongue

Ok and yes, I love this non-border. Heart Big Grin

Hmm, I can see images in slider like they should look, however this slider doesn't "slide", strange, but yes Imp Dance is broken, but it's still here:
https://soundcloud.com/omri-lahav/imp-dance and I wonder do Jeff is still making music for Dwelvers?
I also noticed that website seems to load slower, but maybe it's only my browser fault.
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
I checked again and after I turned off one of my security pluggins 'Disconnect', the images show up.
@Mello, working on it, but don't expect to see the new version this weekend. But hopefully I will be able to release it shortly afterwards.

The imp-dance link is now working Smile
It's all good. Got sucked into a multiplayer game of the first Diablo last night so I'll be fighting the forces of evil this weekend instead of promoting them. I think coffee may still get involved anyways Tongue
Oh, Diablo 1? I have to say that I have been feeling urges playing D2, I do like D3, but IMO I feel like the difficulty is a little bit to linear.
Yeah, the first one. I may just do a run-through of the series. It is pretty linear, but I like bringing out the old titles once in a while for old times sake. I think the linear play is pretty well offset by it having a really good story line, and of course the soundtrack for the first one was just plain awesome.
Awesome news! I can't wait for its release!

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