Hello, Just got Dwelvers

So far I'm enjoying it. Ive played DK since it first came out and still keep my old XP computer alive for my music studio (it still works better than Win8), AND for DK2!

So looking around for something like DK to play on my Win8, I find this in the Steam store.

I love some of the concepts!
I have a couple questions.
I recently saw the newsfeed for an evil meter and above ground sites.
How do I update? I'm getting no prompts to do so from Steam.

What and how are room links used? I can seem to link or I'm not understanding.

How to Trade?

What does the icon appearing of an imp with red tears mean?

Am I posting too many questions?

Well done with this and I look forward to seeing whats in store!
Hey Venger, and welcome to the forum. The surface world update isn't quite ready just yet which is why you haven't seen it on Steam. The next version is nearly finished, and it will be released for initial testing on the Dwelvers site for those who had backed the project early on in order to get a couple days of bug testing done before it is released to Steam to ensure it is free of any 'game breaking' bugs.

To answer your other questions, room links are used to link a building with a storage site. These are done automatically and a room will link to the nearest storage room. If you right-click the room you want to modify the link, you'll see an icon that looks like a chain which you can click and drag to whatever storage room you want. In the past I have made storage rooms specifically for food production that linked the farm, cookery, and bar room all to the same storage room.

In order to trade, you will need a trading room and a captured portal. Once you select the trade route on the portal, then you'll have to add the trade items. Go to the items menu, click on trading, and select the trade you want. Imps will handle the rest.

When you see a room with the red icon it means that the workload is too much for the Imps that are assigned to production in that room. Since this is all assigned automatically now, there isn't anything you can do to add more assignments, but it is sometimes a good indicator that you are queuing up too much work for your Imps and should probably let them clear out their current jobs before adding more to do.

So I hope I answered your questions ok, and feel free to post as many questions as you like in the announcement section on the forum. We have a pretty good group of players that will respond to your questions pretty quickly.
Hi Venger, welcome to the forums Smile
Thank you Mello for answering the questions Smile

And thank you Vengar for your compliment about Dwelvers. The forum will get a lot more activity as soon as the next version gets released, which is very soon Smile
Welome to our dungeons Vengar!

Mello is our encyclopedia, hope he answered you everything. :p
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