My New Idea Spell Idea - Berserk Impanzees and Queens
i was playing the other day just messing around when i realized that a impanzee that was like 2 times the size of the normal 1s would look pretty cool and if he was like muscle man and tossed large chunks of wall and floor (damaging the wall/floor but could be repaired) he would look so cool and i thought how could this be done in game and i remember the queen statues and the lore and stuf and thought what if she spawned in an impanzee room that was at least pretty large and she casts a short term spell(making him go ape crap) on 1 impanzee (before her manas up and needs regen) and that impanzee gets like 20 sec of mass hulk destruction as big pink hulk throwing lumps of wall at you as you try to enter as this would be a spell you could cast it and wouldnt need impanzee queen.
this wasnt really a creature idea as much as a new possible spell for you (queen is in no rush for her tea party Tongue ) but a new spell for a insane 20 sec upgrade.

this spell could also go for imp (cause they are kinda related) but would make him a buffed collector.
this would add some variety to our gangly armed freinds.
let me know what chou think of this
[Image: 5.jpg]
Sounds good could be called enrage but why limit it to impanzees and imps imagiane an orc like that
I do agree, a spell called "Enrage" should be put in, this could also give the imps an attack buff and cause them to attack enemies as well, as I normally don't see them do it.
I can see elite creatues of all types and with special abilities just as mentioned. Creates more vararity and more realism to have "packleaders".
glad to see this is a liked idea but i dont think this would be good for all creatures such as human because they are human , flappy just think it would look weird, fishmen how would this work would they become crocodiles or whales, and rogues i like them small

it would be pretty awsome to have a giagantic cyclotaur that could take up a 2x2x2 area though
[Image: 5.jpg]
Just because they are elites, doesn't necessarily mean they have to have increased size because like you mentioned it could look weird for some. There's all kinds of things that could be done to signify an elite like having an aura, more impressive gear and armor, or a bolder, different colored highlight when you scroll over them just to name a few.

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