Game Can't figure out Metalworks crafting
it seems that any crafting order that requires more than 1 of any ingredient is just getting stuck. the imps craft simple items that require 1 of each ingredient. but when it try for example, iron armor, the imps gather 1 iron, 1 leather and 1 rope and the 2nd iron is never brought in even though i have tons in storage and there is even some lying around on the floor Huh or leather armor, 1 rope and 1 leather is brought in, the 2nd leather is never brought in and the arrow shows red.
Try to check links between storages. It only happened to me 1 or 2 times when i played with many linked storages and imps got crazy, thus messing whole production chain. Also make sure there are no isolated/trapped imps or creatures - there was some problems with it earlier, maybe there is something left to debug.
If it's not the case it seems its a bug. Does it happen every time you start new level or only in certain world/s?
it's happening in all my games. i just started a new one to test it. made no storage so everything comes from the default storage area.

want to make bone armor, which needs 3 bones, 2 ropes. the imps place 2 bones and 1 rope on the forge and production ends. i have 10 bones and over 150 rope in storage. the bones and rope are even brought and left on the floor of the metalworks room. they just never get put inside the damn forge.

they can make other things no problem: barbarian axe, sword and shield, cleaver and hide armor... as many as i want.

but iron fist no. the get 1 iron and it stops.
leather armor no. they collect 1 leather and 1 rope and it stops.
Hey Tom, check this out. It's not just you.
(31-05-2015, 10:47 PM)Mello Tonin Wrote: Hey Tom, check this out. It's not just you.

thanks. i thought i was doing something wrong.

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