False Alarm 0.8k-2 - Piggeh's - The failure of cooking
Hey gents/ladies,

Captured a few vids of the piggeh's not performing their duty to cook!

However the attachment limitation is 6.05MB, and the file sizes are like 20 MB. This needs to be fixed ASAP.


Upon further investigation, I linked up my bakeries back to my Mother room and they initiated baking again. Therefore linking them to storage rooms is un-advised.

I'm guessing it has to do with the storage rooms capacity. If the issue is that the storage room was full then this has been sort of fixed with the next version (a lot more storage capacity).

Do you mean attachment limitation here on the forum?
(01-06-2015, 07:21 PM)polo5021 Wrote: However the attachment limitation is 6.05MB, and the file sizes are like 20 MB. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

Sorry for inconvenience Polo, at the same time if I let users to put files that are so big our forum will soon load slower and slower (which is slightly loading slower since it's launching) - I could allow even 30 MB files, but then I'll have to delete attachments that are weight too much after maybe a week... hmm... however in case of bugs that Rasmus has to see as completely reported I think after making investigation about this bug by Rasmus, he wouldn't need to check attachment content again so it could be removed from the forum.
I could make it happen, but I need Rasmus' approval. Smile
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There was an issue with Piggehs doing tasks that they weren't supposed to, and you may be seeing some of the effects of that issue that has been flagged solved in next version. I haven't really noticed my cookery not producing so I'm not sure the problem specifically with Piggehs, but perhaps what Rasmus mentioned.

On a side note, those save games zip up really nicely. I usually get them down to 2.25 - 2.5MB. I place all my saves I link here on Google Drive and that works really nice. Any of the other cloud storage services could be leveraged too, but it really doesn't make sense to allow a lot of storage to be used for save files especially uncompressed ones.
I recommend minions being able to eat without the cooking room, however they merit only 1/2 of the benefits of eating on a table.
Marked as false alarm.
Just be aware of links of storage rooms to all those browsing this thread.

Feel free to delete this thread.

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