My New Idea Resource Mechanics - Roots in the Water with decreased growth rate
• Roots in the Water with decreased growth rate •

One thing I've noticed which has been around for a bit is roots that grow in the water can be a headache. I think the way roots work now is good as far as sustainability, but I'm suggesting that there be limits to growth when it concerns water.

Highlight: Limiting roots growing rate in the water mechanism.
Function: What I was thinking is that roots wouldn't grow into water areas more than one or two tiles in. This will hinder overgrowth in parts of the dungeon that won't normally be tended, and make it easier for Imps to deal with.
I have noticed this as well, it can look really ugly when the roots covers a whole lake. Added to the Ideas & Game Features list.
It seems too that the Imps aren't bothered enough by the water to chop wood in it, but they refuse to gather said wood in water as well.
Yeah, the wood needs to be on a claimed tile for them to pick it up. I think it can be solved with building bridges. But I have redesigned the game a little now, so it shouldn't be a issue in future versions Smile

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