Solved & Confirmed 0.9 - Lake Portal
What do you do when you claim a portal that leads to a lake? Learn to swim, learn to swim, learn to swim.

[Image: Y4EF.gif]
Haha, added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
Solved with the next version.

If you claim a portal underground that is below water above ground. This happens:

That's AWSOME!!! Now lets see what happens when you remove the water.
If you find a portal like this you actually have unlimited amounts of water to fetch unless you drain the water on the surface. If you drain the water on the surface you still need to fetch the water from the portal to get it dry. But it is possible to get it dry, even if it can be a little complicated.
It would be nice if when you ran into a situation like this, the portal would be unusable until you stopped the water flow at the surface.
Well, it sort of is, because you can't reach it while the flooding is taking place.
Dwelvers alpha 0.9b released, this one is solved but need confirmation!
The portal now fills with water, but without any actions on the surface there is no way to drain the water.
I take that as an solved and confirmed Tongue
Yup, there is another bug report on locked actions on the surface.

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