False Alarm 0.8k-2 - Stone stairs are ignored, imps climb instead.
I noticed that the old stone steps are being ignored. Creatures won't use them anymore, instead they clip through it and climb the wall instead (nice feature by the way).

So many nice memories with the stone stairs and their dynamic adjustments based on it's neighbors. The one and only thing you could use to "decorate".

Also, so many new things to try out, woooooooooooot!


Stone stairs are ignored when going upwards (notice the burrowed head facing the dark mother). When the imps go down they respect the steps.

[Image: TzUlcSz.jpg]

Another EDIT

This has already been addressed, sorry.
this has changed, its the same as this: http://forum.dwelvers.com/showthread.php?tid=1436
Solved in the next version
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Actually the stone stairs are no longer build-able at all any more. They are still in game if you have an old save-game.
I would say that the roads took care of this issue, I hope this substitution is okay Smile
Yeah since stairs have been redesigned, this ended up getting reported again for 0.9 in this thread. It's marked solved with next version.

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