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Dwelvers Journal 2015.06.13 - Alpha v0.9b bug fix patch released
Dwelvers Alpha v0.9b bug fix patch has now been released

This is a sneak release. No demo and no steam version will be downloadable until this one is bug-tested properly.

Dwelvers Alpha Patch v0.9b has now been released, you can download it at the Dwelvers website.

To download it go to Dwelvers website and log in to your account. Once this is done a new tab leading to the Members page should have become available.
Here you can download the latest version.

Alpha 0.9b:
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For all of you that have experienced crashes, please try out the new debugger and post the crash log here at the forum so that I can find the issue Smile

I'll be here ,much of tomorrow (today for some of you) looking at what's been fixed and what may still be left before there's a solid update for Steam. I think a Steam release is right around the corner seein how quick these list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes have been spotted and corrected. Thanks to everyone who's been helping spot these things, and it's good to hear we have an updated tool to make things better.
Yea. I hope there won't be too much to fix. Smile
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