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Solved & Confirmed 0.9b - Assertion StorageBuildingSystem Line 285
Error keeps appearing with 2-3 min breaks, hitting ignore solves it...
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Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!

I renamed the title after the location the assertion appeared on (StorageBuildingSystem Line 285).
I have also received this error.

Pressing the ignore button is a temp solution, and the error can pop up again with varying degrees of intensity. It can also cause the game to close if you press "ignore" too many times.
Solved with the next version (I hope). I found a bug that I think was related to this, and since I solved that one, this bug haven't popped up for me.
Solved with the 0.9c version, now it needs confirmation Smile
Not sure if it's a confirmation, but this error bugged me before and I haven't seen this error in the new version, and I've been playing for a couple of hours.
I haven't got this error yet on 0.9c yet either, hopefully it's squashed! =}
Thank you Smile
Yeah this one like Excess said was pretty common before, and no notices since the patch. Needs to be marked Solved.

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