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Solved & Confirmed 0.9b - Body's stored in storage room...
So after killing a fishermen, he was transported to my prison, where i selected him for "feed to the dark mother"
Imp's came and picked him up and put him next to the dark mother, and then transported him to my storage room...

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Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
Solved with the next version!

After the creature has been picked up from the ground the only work available for the carrier should be to feed the creature to the DM. But, other tasks such as picking up items from the ground could still be carried out after the creature had been picked up because there were no check if any creature was carried.

So now when a pick up from item job is presenting it self, it gets unavailable if the creature taking the job is carrying another creature.
0.9d released! Solved, but need confirmation (from players) Big Grin
I spawned a huge group of enemies to ultimately be fed to the DM, and she ate every last one of them. I think this one may be fixed.
Thank you Smile

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