Where do I begin? In the dungeons of course...Wink Righto.. So many great games I could mention...Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress, on and on... I love those games and so when I saw Dwelvers on Steam and watched the videos, I had to swing on by and check it out!

I'm loving the concept and idea behind Dwelvers so far and I hope it does awesomely well! =pre-ordering now=
Welcome to the forum SGrayWolf Big Grin

I am always glad to see new faces here at the forum as I need all the help I can get with the development, bug finding, game feature suggestions, balancing the game etc. I am also glad to hear that you liked Dwelvers so much and I hope we will not disappoint you in future development either.

Just make sure to tell us if there are something you like or don't like about the game, this is how we know what features to improve on and which ones to scratch Smile
Welcome to the group SGrayWolf. This is actually a really good time to pre-order since the 0.9 version should be released to Steam really soon which will allow interactions with the surface, and hopefully get the ball rollin towards adding some more fighting characters. Like Rasmus said, don't be too concerned about speaking out about anything you may not like or see could use improvement in the game. We got a pretty good community here to collaborate with and ask questions, so just let us know if we can help with anything.
Welcome to our dungeons SGrayWolf. Smile

Plans for this game are endless and every feedbacks about this game, bug reports etc. are always precious for the team, so if you have some crazy idea for a game or just want to discuss some things, you're welcomed to post your thoughts here. This game had began to be build with community from the beginning and many things were added because most dungeon builders wanted to see those in the game.

Cheers! Smile
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Thanks guys, let me see.. I've started exploring and experimenting with Dwelvers to get a "feel for it"...

One thing, I seem to get "residual paths" of the creatures (happens in rooms too) that build up, flash a lot and well, make things very messy after awhile.

Screencap --> http://postimg.org/image/oaijtnenv/full
That's interesting. I haven't seen this happen before. You should report it in the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes.
Will do.. I'll continue playing a bit to see if it gets worse and if any other issues occur first.

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