Impression I don't want to hype, but...
Got your attention did I? Good.

I recently ate a pizza with Rasmus(The all mighty god of Dwelvers), it was a nice pizza indeed.

Oh yeah, and another thing; something interesting is on the horizon, you will love it when you see it implemented in the game.

omg pizza with the dev! lol Big Grin
So give a hint! Smile
Well, it had cheese on it Tongue
hehe Tongue

Right now you arent so known yet, but in a year, with a bit of luck, you will be. Everybody wants to eat pizza with you then
It is a very important goal I have Wink
Hell, I would much rather have a beer with ya when this is all done! We could throw a pizza in there too I guess.
Beer - Good.
Pizza - Good.
Beer Pizza - The men in white coats are called to drag you off into a padded room with no rainbows in it.

The best part about pizza with the Devs is the reminder that all of us are human beings. I would rather think of a Developer as a person than as a Developer. A developer has a job to do. A human's job is to be a person first, and a developer second. What a strange kind of thought. o.o
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Haha, I can assure you, I'm a human! A human who is very absent-minded according to most of my friends Tongue I have flaws just like everybody else, and personally I think people that are able to laugh at their own flaws are the most fun people to be around. The more human the better I would say Tongue

So yeah! After Dwelvers is released we could all choose a country that are the most centre to everybody's location (so that we all have the same travel distance) to eat pizza and drink beer in Wink
Excellent! Although I think halfway between here and there is somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Got a friend in Germany I've been meaning to visit tho...
Heh, I could eat pizza with Rasmus only in some kind of games lol ATM. We have beer in game what about implementing pizza too? Small 'easter egg' for pizza fans. Big Grin

Definitely something is coming I feel this will be a big, tasty pizza with many surprising additions Big Grin
Of course so good pizza takes much time to be made, we need to wait for it patently.
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Imps could make pizza in-game. That would do it.

[Image: make-it-so-o.gif]
Make it so.

... hahaha. Imagine that.
Dark Dwarves sitting around in the Bar drinking beer and eating pizza? Yes please Big Grin
And they will have OUR NAMES :O Ye gods...

Ignore me. I had a dream that this happened last night.
"Go, go, Potato!" ~Mello Tonin
Impossible to me since I live in SEA ( South East Asia ) but good luck to your paved stepping stone towards being popular Rasmus. It just takes more time... though if it happens: Pizza = Yes, Beer = No. Sorry, I don't drink beer ( cause I'm still young ) but wine is good.( nah, just kidding )
Imps making pizza? Then we would need a pineapple farm Wink

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