New Feature! I & S - Help menu in Dwelvers
Help menu in Dwelvers

Don't know if anyone noticed this new menu option when bug testing the 0.9 Dwelvers versions Smile


This menu opens up a some information about the most basic features of Dwelvers if you need some quick information about why things are working as they are.

I actually did notice when I played last night. Only skimmed it though. Always noticeable when there is something added to the menu. Curiosity lead me to check it out at a glance.Smile
I sure did, I actually went through and read every one of them too... What can I say... I like to be thorough..

I pondered making a thread on the typos and grammatical stuff in it but reconsidered, since it's a niceity feature and probably not something that really needs to be focused on at the present time. =}

Looks pretty good though, covered a lot of ground in there that should help people with many things!

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