Dwelvers Journal 2015.06.17 - Dwelvers Alpha 0.9c released - Time to raid the surface!
2015.06.17 - Dwelvers Alpha 0.9c released


As this will be the first 0.9 release for the Steam users I may become a little repetative in the news flow, I hope you don't mind.

There have been some delays since the 0.8 version, and as usual the reason is that I want to get as much in there as possible, and the longer I wait with the release the more perfect it has to be Tongue Now Dwelvers has been bug tested and balanced thanks to the forum members, their help has saved me a huge amount of time and I am therefore hugely grateful to them Smile

The main update with the 0.9 version is the surface world but we also have a lot of other features introduced that will keep the player occupied, some of these features changes the game play since previous versions and can create some confusion. But to avoid this we have added some help tools in the game. The tutorial are still incomplete and needs work, but I don't want to put down to much time on it at this moment as the game features are still under some changes, and I don't redo the tutorial to frequently or lock my self up by avoiding adding features because I would know this would require extra work with the tutorial, I hope this is understandable.

Time to raid the surface!

Let us go outside!


This topic is about the upcoming surface world feature and the ability to raid villages.

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No more looting



This topic is about giving the creatures an backpack so that they are able to transport several items at once and be able to speed up the item transportation.

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Out with the old roads in with the new


This topic is about removing the auto path claiming and giving the player the option to build the roads himself. These roads can also be upgraded to increase the movement speed.

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Re-doing the storage rooms


This topic is about removing the unlimited storage capacity from the Dark Mother, and increasing the storage capacity in other storage rooms.

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Upgraded minimap


This topic is about that the minimap has been upgraded so that the player will have it easier to orientate in the dungeon.

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Partly fog of war


This topic is about giving the dungeon a secondary fog of war that will hide the enemies if there are no allied creatures that can see them.

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Building all at once


This topic is about building the whole room at once instead of building parts of it at a time.

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Selecting multiple creatures (for squads)


This topic is about giving the player the ability to select multiple creatures at once and move them or put them in different squads.

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The knights and the rogues has finally gotten their bed breakfast!


The knights and the rogues has finally gotten their bed breakfast Smile

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Repairing enabled


Now we have an option to repair different objects in the dungeon with a simple click instead of waiting on them to regenerate their health. The main reason why this feature got implemented now is because we need a repair option for the fences. In the next update I will make it so that when a fence is damaged enough it will not be destroyed, it will only get a new model that shows that it is possible for the enemy to walk right over the fence, then the player will have to repair it again, or sell it and build a new one.

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Help menu in Dwelvers


This menu opens up a some information about the most basic features of Dwelvers if you need some quick information about why things are working as they are.

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Dwelvers 0.9c version released!

To download it go to Dwelvers website and log in to your account. Once this is done a new tab leading to the Members page should have become available.
Here you can download the latest version.


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See what was changed & fixed in previous versions here...

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Awesome features, I'm dying to try them out.

But I'm even happier that this post got +1500 views Rasmus. Reddit exposure is working I guess Smile
Now it has 2k views, hmm where did they all come from? Big Grin
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Awesome! Too bad I won't get to play around until Saturday. Being an adult sucks.
Is there a way to stop a raid?

I foolishly went exploring very early in the game (hadn't even started rooting) and suddenly all the orcs went berserk and started breaking and killing and stealing and... you get the point. I tried rallying them down again with the flag to no avail, as they where too focused on breaking buildings to notice my command coward's suggestion to stop pissing of the humans. Damn, I filled half a bar in the first 5 minutes of gameplay.

Also, I happened to be below a very populated and developed area, so they won't stop raiding anytime soon.
And that was toned down from where it was. I think what should happen it that the Rally Flag should keep soldiers focused on a particular area instead of them chasing things to the ends of the world. Shouldn't stray to far from the flag without being forced to return.
I see the issue here, I will try to give the player more control over the raids, there have been some complaints about this on the steam forum as well.
Definitely players will more likely want to have full control on the Surface of their units - in Dungeons 2 they resolved that problem giving the player ability to guide units to any target you wish them to go - like in common RTS game... which wasn't warm-welcomed by dungeon builder gamers much so I'm not recommending that. It, changes too much gameplay and feeling - so maybe if we have Rally Flags we could set what state do creatures should take on - Defensive, Offensive or Retreat to Dungeon/Nearest Guard Post, etc. to give players more control over creatures moves?

Also as Dwelvers is heavily focused on building things they (players) would wish to make their conquered places safe and want be able to fortify/defend somehow their newly occupied resource mines/shafts/mills, etc. and move creatures on the Surface as similar as it possible to like they can do things in the underworld or maybe even build some military structures on the Surface. Then what could be done?
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I like the idea of having guard post on the surface, they could be built by the player and then controlled with a click if they should be guarded or not. Then the creatures will do the rest.

And no rally flag on the surface could also mean automatic retreat.
Rally flag on a portal is enough to make the creatures claim it, instead of having to build a road to it.

Creatures are now much more cautious.
- When they are fleeing, they are focusing on returning down the closest portal.
- They don't come to aid when a fellow creature are being damaged.

This seems to be enough to get them to return when the rally flag is down. Of course there will be other options in the future Wink
What if we want some creatures to stay and defend what we occupied above or just have some of them to build some stuff (if you're planning to enable player to build stuff on the Surface)? Considering that creatures want to assuage their hunger and other needs that may require to put them free there to live, especially if you want them guarding the guard post or other stuff they can guard.
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I like that idea Sebt. I think we could allow some buildings such as the guard room once it has been created.
I would like to say I feel if player could do the same things in the Surface world like in the Underworld that would be awesome, because any kind of limitations destroys good play, but if there would be obstacles that comes naturally and only because of them player couldn't for example dig blocks because there are no diggable blocks (or at least there aren't any blocks needed to be dug to move further, etc, but could be there some resource blocks in mountains - but there it may require to have caves/caverns mechanic in the game) or couldn't build underworld rooms because they have no use there, then I think that would be fine.... maybe we could ask people what would they like to do on the Surface?
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I don't agree that limitations destroys game play, sometimes it is needed because it makes the game play less messy and therefore more fun. In Dwelvers I want as little limitations as possible in the dungeon but on the surface world I feel like some limitations can be a good thing.
By limitations I mean those artificial not natural like finite and rare resources or space or just being not able to dig blocks on the Surface like you can do it in the Underworld.

I'm not sure what is the exact whole plan for the Surface in the future, but surely if you limit players in Surface to just raiding it with units Dwelvers will have the same criticized mechanism to this in Dungeons 2 where there you could only walk and fight with creatures like in RTS mode. I personally when saw DK 3 trailer I wish I could do almost the same what I could in Underworld - of course there are many natural limitations which unable you to play on the Surface like in Underworld - so if you apply these it will make sense, so if player could still build Rooms, Constructions, Hydraulics, gather different resources (like you planned this long time ago - i.e. trees that gives more wood, livestock, etc.) probably in more RTS way it would be enough. Smile

Of course that could be inevitable to ask what people would like to do in the Surface. Wink
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy

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