Game Performance issues
since the new updates I decided to give the game another go, but also have had a huge performance drop

i run this game on a toaster with a decent graphics card and very old processor, but dont remember have any problems before the updates
Hey guys, got an update, in fact there is a performance issue. It occurred once I cleared out all the portals and started raiding the surface the game would massively lag as imps tried to get resources from the surface. The rig I have can run GTA 5 on high/ultra settings... so theres a problem...

Where is the game save file location? I can link it here.
I will have this issue fixed with the next version which will probably be out in a couple of days with some hotfixes.
Save game location:


%userprofile% is a system variable which should work for any version of Windows.
I have performance issues too, thought it might be my little i5 processor. I had gotten wind of this game through a youtube channel and they also say that an earlier version had performed better than the 0.9c that we're on right now. Around 30-35 imps is when it begins slowing down for me, I useualy run it around 800x480 resolution, everything on low.

My specs;
1240 MB DDR3
The debugger has a lot to do with the performance right now. Since the next version is right around the corner, I would just run the game without it.
I usually run it without the debugger. Since it was brought up I do have an off the topic question about the debugger. I tried using it to figure out why a game kept crashing, but the problem is, the debugger exits out as the game crashes, so no information on the debugger is saved. If I can save the crash report I'd like to replicate what happened.

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