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Solved within development process 0.9c - Game freezes
I tried to start Tutorial and Sandbox games, normal difficulty.
Game freezes and regular windows pointer appears on screen or ingame display becomes black.

I installed the latest Microsoft redistribuables (x64 and x86) but game still crashes.

My configuration is :
My PC is a C2Duo E6750E (OC 3.4Ghz)
8 Go RAM
Nvidia Geforce GTX 560Ti 1Go -- WHQL 314.22 drivers
520 Watts PSU
Windows Pro 64 bits, updated via the Microsoft service.

DwelversDEbugger v1.1 says :
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I am glad to see that you managed to post here Smile

Does this happen when you play the game in windowed mode as well?
You wrote "Windows Pro 64 bits", is that windows vista, windows 7 or windows 8?

Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
It is Windows 7.
I have just tried windowed mode and game crashes as well.

Game in windowed mode :
[Image: 400f42a007bf85ab580e639bffea8916.png]

Same but with debug mode box checked :
[Image: 547b165effc792461ec4759a88095417.png]

Detail from error message :
[Image: e226c185109eac9d2aa02a2f53276101.png]

Detail from debug tool (Dwelvers_Alpha v0.9c_Crash_Report) :
[Image: fd463f0fece2c943c01ea3a38fd1ce11.png]
Thank you! This is very helpful, I will check it out tomorrow Smile
Hmm, one last question, when you get the Assertation window error D3D.cpp line 722 and press ignore, does it still crash afterwards?
Because of this bug being so old and no new reports has been made I move it to the "Old Bugs/Issues & Crashes", if this issue arises again a new topic should be made.

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