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Solved & Confirmed 0.9c - UI scaling
I usually play zoom out, and I cant read tooltips, nameplates, pretty much everything becomes jagged/blurred
maybe its too small, maybe low res, but forces me to zoom in just to read it

Question is. Is this normal, because i don't remember having these problems before (Did not played for a while, to freshen it a bit)

[Image: 20150705_114347.jpg]

ps: resolution is 1920x1200
I would say yeah, this is going to be a normal experience for everyone. I personally haven't taken note of it until you brought it up since I haven't really seen it necessary to know how many items are on a storage table, bar room table, or even a construction for that matter. This is mainly because there are so many resources that I know my constructions will be built, and as long as I see there is food stuffs on the table and everyone appears happy I just don't worry about it.

Now later on once things are becoming more balanced and knowing what you have versus what you need becomes important, I may see this as an issue. There again, do I really need to know what the count is on each individual table? I would say no. Maybe having the ability to track certain items in a particular Storage Room would be helpful, and realistically I think all Tooltips should show up in the UI bar at the bottom where you don't have to worry about scaling and it's always going to be legible. Given the limited space and what could be potentially more information than what would fit in that space, a scrolling marquee would be an easy way to make up for the lack of text real estate.
i dont count resources in storage, but sometimes I look into production rooms whats on the ground, or want to see how full storage is etc

maybe it gets better when we get AA, because looking at it now, text font looks bad even zoomed in all jagged and stuff (especially l and i looks terrible)

but i do agree tooltips should popup full sized
I think I know the issue to this one and I will try to solve it with the next version.
I moved this topic to bugs/issues as the text shouldn't be jagged.

Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
Solved with the next version!
They still scale, but I have set an minimum value where it should be readable as long as you at least have 720p resolution.
0.9d released! Solved, but need confirmation (from players) Big Grin
This one has been solved.
Thank you Smile

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