Feedback/Modification Game Development - Dwelvers Trailer Version 3.0
Before releasing the next version I wanted to update the current trailer with some of the new in game content, the design is the same but with the result that the trailer has gotten shorter but with more content.

Let me know what you think Smile
Awesome! My fav is the improvised Lava Trap. Good stuff!!!
Mello, did it really caught your attention? Is the trailer enough for you to understand what's going on here, about what is the game, what or whom player will be challenging and why, etc.?

If anyone would like to give any detailed feedback, even harsh, just do it here before trailer will be released everywhere! Big Grin
Personally I could make a very long list of what could be added/changed etc. but community first! Wink
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What's your feedback Sebt? I just wanted to redo the trailer with the new graphics and features that have been introduced. What I am looking for in feedback is missing scenes, rearranging scenes, different text, more focus on some aspects on the game etc.

I believe more work should be done on the trailer in the future, but right now new features are introduced constantly and I will probably redo it again in a couple of months.
Well I think it covers much of all the features at the moment. It should really include more text after 'KILL ALL HUMANS'. After that if you have never played before you likely won't know exactly what is going on.

The next thing that should be noted is when it switches to the imprisonment scene, you should probably add the text:

Capture the fallen

And keep it onscreen till it transitions to the DM. Fade out the text with the transition, and then add:

And feed them to the Dark Mother

Then (and these scenes really do chronologically work) add:

Or raise their corpses

<Add a scene with ghosts engaging in battle> And transition the text and scenes with this text:

To join the battle


Use traps to defend

Move the following scene to after the scene ending at 1:06 and add the text:

Rescue injured comrades

But with the possession spell I'm not really sure. Right now all you can do with it is move around. You can't look along the Y axis or anything else. Not that it doesn't make sense to close out on it, but since the Reveal spell isn't represented and spells haven't really been developed beyond the initial concept it's probably not that necessary to focus on it.

Hopefully that's helpful. I didn't really look at it in depth last night since it was late and I was about to head to bed.
I'll be honest here. In overall I'm not sure seeing this trailer why I as an evil lord want to attack people and make wars with anyone around and what's actually going on really. Confused

For instance, in DK it was mentioned that heroes want to grab all the treasures that lies in underworld, so you're a one of the keepers that won't allow them to take those treasures and because they are pissed you off and the best defence is the offense you're going to conquer the whole hero realm and take every underworld treasures for your greedy yourself.... so, if you won't make any description of why and for what at least in very general... this game will look like he next game for mobile devices where there is nothing said, but "conquer new realms, collect items, take your creatures towards victory, build your mighty kingdom!"... Market is flooded in such quick-gimme-money-for-quick-profitgame I made game without a soul... and I know Dwelvers Rasmus want NOT to be such game, so what about adding some magic to the trailer, a little story, a cake you could sink your teeth into? What's more with resources you're already Rasmus have?

So what I'm suggesting? A guy named Thomas Ljunggren made something that would really make the trailer catchy - a storyline here:
So, what if trailer show at the beginning a short introduction to Dwelvers story and Dwelvers world and then show game features Huh

  1. Introduce the world and creatures that are living in it
    • introduce the calm and peaceful world of humans, that's full of whatever it is there and creatures that are living there in certain conditions of happiness or however they live and then...
    • that there's another world, that lays under the ground... mysterious and dark... full of scary but also beautiful places... as rich in resources as danger... where different creatures inhabits different places doing their own stuff in this realm and then... that this world is inhabited by someone - a Dark Mother and Hand - that started to be a threat for both worlds (regarding Thomas's pictures DM and the Hand are somehow danger for both worlds, but I can be wrong Big Grin) - how? - and HERE! Let's start with the story Thomas made in pictures here: - yeah, that may require Ben to make some pictures depicting the story, but potential player must know for what will he/she be doing terrible things with his/her enemies and why there's a conflict... yea, it needs narrator for the trailer, you can ask TacticBlack to make such, right? I can image how heavily ironic his narration can be for a trailer. Cool
  2. After showing the world and short introducing story - show what player will do in a game
    • how you as an evil Hand (I assume you're not a lord, but a Hand in Dwelvers? Hand then should be explained earlier in the story earlier in trailer, by a little bit) will be conquering the world and with/by what - build dungeons, gather resources from different places, show a full 3D aspect of the game, then
    • who will be serving you, what you need to make them obey to you - creatures, show that they'll fight for you, but for a price - they'll need food, sleep and any kind of entertainment, show how you make such stuff for them - like you showed in trailer 3.0 brewery and the fest,
    • what are the challenges that player will about to take during your influence expansion (maze, Impanzees, cave ins, lava, etc.),
    • how will you make your already build barracks safe (constructions, hydraulics)
    • and what else you can do to increase your firepower (trade, imprison and conversion, etc.)

If I missed something sure let it be added, in 3-4 minutes I think trailer should fit in. So in short story and world presentation first then features.

Also the correlation/order which Mello described above is really important, so I think he did a well description of how trailer should be constructed.

Oh and music really doesn't fit the trailer, I would ask Omri to make something that would suck viewer into and then make scenes for that music... actual is just too calm and next video scenes doesn't fit the music IMO. :-/
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You make a good point about the music so this would require a new composition. I don't know what that would to to the budget and optimally it would be something that would also be used in game. In fact several of those suggestions require some capital investment, and for a trailer that is going to be in flux as features get added, refined, or removed I don't know that makes fiscal sense. I also liked the idea of including a backstory to give the viewer an idea about why all this is the way it is, but there again I don't think much time has gone into developing a story, and I figured this would be something that was added much later.
Fortunately the story is already made - I'm not 100% sure, but for Thomas' art story there was text lore made likewise. There's no need to make more then this for trailer, except to write some description of Dwelvers world image (just that in Dwelvers surface and underworld exists and that is inhabited by different beings, nothing more, details needed).

Narrator's voice can be made by TacticBlack or whoever from the team feels to talk in trailer, will it cost much for 3 minutes trailer?

Music already made can be cut into pieces and used for trailer like now, but fitted exactly with video (however it's much much easier to make music first then video for that music), so here I'm not sure if music suits for dungeon theme and yet probably a new one will be made when game will be close to be finished, so maybe here just to cut into pieces old tracks could be enough.

I think as Dwelvers is close to be version 1.0 beta there is need to consider making more quality trailer then several pictures and some texts. I just want to say if you want to release a quality product it - quality has to be applied to the each aspect of product marketing, so it includes promotion too. For such early development still I think what I suggested uses already owned resources, so costs will be almost none at all.
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
I like the idea of having a background story and then build it up. But I don't feel like I have enough content to make it good just yet, and I would like to wait with such a trailer until I have a more finished game where this trailer is the final trailer.
What I am going for is just showing of all the features in the game and showing the player what type of a game this is without making the player loose his / her interest in the middle of the trailer...

So as much information as possible in a as short time-span as possible is my goal atm, and also make it look good enough and coherent.

I have added your suggestions Mello. About the possession spell, I have expanded a bit on it in the game so that it is much more useful now Smile
One thing I really like about the possession spell in DK was how it could be used to disarm traps, and if you wanted to engage directly in combat you could. I hope that's where it eventually ends up.
I see, there has to be some content to show, but if there's none yet we can stay with showing to player what features game is already have, hmm....

Just then suggest to mark at the bottom of the video that everything watcher see is an early alpha footage of actual game and assets may change during later development, so watcher will know that what is he/she see not a final look of the game.
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
That sounds like a good idea Sebt so people understand too this is still in development.
So I put a couple of days down to fix the possession, now the player can "attack", "dig" and "throw rocks" while in possession mode. I also removed the "eye control" and only kept the "mind control".

(22-07-2015, 11:09 AM)Sebt Wrote: Just then suggest to mark at the bottom of the video that everything watcher see is an early alpha footage of actual game and assets may change during later development, so watcher will know that what is he/she see not a final look of the game.

I like that Smile Something I have learned the hard way is that warning signs is a must! Tongue
Yes, Rasmus. Tooltips, signs and warnings, let them put everywhere! Big Grin

Mind Control is so sinister name for possessing spell. I wonder if there is even more evil.
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
I have not added the warning text yet. I will probably add it in the beginning only and not through the whole video.
So this is the second test video, what do you think?


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