Game Rogue beds?
i've got all the beds i can make, made yet the rogues are still running around complaining they are tired, what do they need please? thanks in advance.
You should be able to make Rouge Beds if you have Rouges. They should also sleep in them, despite the creepy Imps that like to watch minions sleep.

Be sure that they have a clear path to the bed, and that you have one constructed and it's not missing any materials. Also, you may need to build more beds depending on the demand.

[Image: Zkph.jpg]
LOL i swear it wasn't there lastnight! i swear it!

TYVM i go back in today, and yep, there it is, rogue bed, right there above imp bed.
somehow i just didn't see it, i have no idea how, cause 2 of us were looking for it.
It happens. At least it gave me the chance to capture that screenshot. Glad I could help.

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