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Solved & Confirmed 0.9c - Dark Mother Room button locks up game
First day I have been playing and I was just clicking on things to see what they did. In the Dark Mother Room info screen, the button on the bottom right with the red arrows coming out of it... If you click this to turn it on... then you click it again... the whole game freezes. The only way out is to close the whole thing and start over. The debug does not pick up any data. The mouse still moves around but you cant click on anything and all action in the game is stopped. Picture attached.

If this is already addressed, I apologize. I searched the forum and did not find anything about it.

BTW... I have been waiting on any follow up to Dungeon Keeper for years so I will be playing this a lot and providing a lot of feedback. Thanks so much for your work.


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Good find, and welcome to the group. This only happens when there isn't a Storage Room however. I'm guessing it freaks out because it has no other location to send resources to. If you only do it once, you do get a flashing indicator on all the red arrows that something is wrong. The second click forces the crash.

Was able to get a Debug Log though, not sure that it's necessary with this issue since it is pretty obvious what is goin on here.

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Solved with the next version!
This one was pretty easy to duplicate, but now it has been corrected.
Thank you Smile

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