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New Feature! Creature Mechanic - Auto claiming territory
With the new Dwelvers 0.9d version we will re-introduce auto-claiming. The reason for this is that some complaints has been made with the removal of the auto-claiming when we replaced it with road-building as seen here:

Now we have it so that the imps will auto claim a 3 tiles area around roads and rooms that the player build. If the player wants to expand the claimed area it is also possible for him to do this manually. The purpose with the auto-claiming and manual claiming is that we wanted to make it easier for the player to claim enemy rooms and also have a better view of what territory is owned by the player.

Sounds like a good compromise, I'll have to give it a try Smile
This feature has been upgraded since I got some suggestions from the steam forum:

By entering the production menu -> options you can now get the option to choose how far away you want the imps to claim the land.

This way, I think game is forcing player to change value of the range of auto-claiming multiple times - in competitive play like multiplayer there will be no time for micromanaging options like this I'm afraid.

I think actual mechanism could be replaced with some automatic mechanism that would tell Imps not to go too far a way from your "safety zone" - the issue is that Imps often dies when they go to yet unexplored place that contains enemies or traps - there's no reason to let Imp go anywhere farther, but we may wish to keep them away from dangerous area only - it can take some time for player to realize that his minions explored more of the map parts and that he/she have now less Imps, so maybe something should say to Imps to not go anywhere where's a danger, i.e. after exploring danger by one Imp that would probably die from trap all other Imps get info to stay away in certain range from place where that Imp died and until that trap is not destroyed the sort of marker that appear as don't-go-here mark won't disappear.

The same could apply to enemies - once enemy is spotted Imps won't go there where that "danger" - but here because creatures are moving such marking about hostile creatures could appear for some time instead of until those hostile creatures are killed.

I think this way player Imps are automatically being safe from trapped places and player is not forcing to do anything and is not limited by anything - he will know exactly about newly discovered traps just looking at the map and seeing that there are some unclaimed parts that for some reason aren't yet claimed, then he realize it's because of danger lurking there.

What do you think people?
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Yeah, that's sort of what I suggested on steam. I said maybe if we could toggle it and also be able to put warning signs, but automatic markers like you say may be a lot better, especially right now that you can't really zoom to or tell where something is happening so fast.
I'm not particularly concerned much for the amount of claimed space since it doesn't really limit character movement. I'll probably always have this set to 1 or 0.
it took a while to find how to set it.. the obvious places didn't have it, and i had to check the news post to see where it was hidden.

personally i preferred it when they just autoclaimed without restriction, sure they got killed when they met danger.. and i was fine with that.. they know the risk comes with the job, and they are easily replaced, so much so that i don't particularly notice any losses.

what if the imps had a limited autoclaim of say 4 blocks.. and upon recruiting rogues (who are more melee orientated) and who also claim, can claim at double the range due to thier ability to deal with any danger should they find it. later with research, that range can be increased to 10 for imps (and 20 for rogues) via incremental research (in the dark library).

example: basic claiming +1 range, intermediate claiming +2 range, expert claiming +3 range. So at expert 4+1+2+3=10 (20 for rogues)
What is claimed territory for in this game anyway? I know is Dungeon Keeper 2 it was essential cause you needed it to build on and it gave mana generation, also you could only drop minions on claimed land I think. So I'm not sure how important it is in this game yet, but I think regardless and with multiplayer in mind, one of the best ways we could have it is a basic on/off function and/or the addition of placeable marker/sign of areas to avoid, with maybe the option for an automatic warning function like Sebt mentioned.
Right now its basic function is to resolve an issue that was preventing people from claiming the Maze tiles. I hadn't been able to play in a bit so I'm not sure if it is also now a requirement to be able to build on.
How about adding unrestricted 'claiming' as an ability of some of the later addon creatures such as Impanzees or Cyclotaurs?

It would give them something to do other than fighting, and they wouldn't die as easy if they run into enemies.

Just a thought...

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