Hi everyone,
it's Etalyx fault, that I found this game and lost 1 1/2 day of my lifetime playing it last weekend. His video on youtube (channel is called GamersDissent, I think) hooked me up.

I have never played Dungeon keeper or something similar before. (I tried a little bit Dwarf fortress, but that's to complex for me.)

Is this game already greenlighted on Steam? I'm probably to stupid to find it, but as soon as I find it, you will have to accept my money... Big Grin
Hello, I'm sorry that Etalyx stolen Your time, what a thief! We will start investigation, don't worry. Cool

Also welcome to the community! Nice, to have someone that came thanks to Etalyx's channel, he helped us very much. Smile

I wonder how is it possible that You have never played Dungeon Keeper? HOW!? Big Grin
I'm kidding, if You thought about playing DK I suggest to start playing Dungeon Keeper, but the 1st version (cause it has sequel too), it's really addicting and playable as heeeelllllllll! Literally.
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Welcome to the forum Smile I see that you have already started finding bugs and issues, very good! We will add them to the need to be fixed bugs list for future releases Smile
Yeah, Etalyx have been a real advertising help Smile And I'm too sorry about the days you lost because of him, I will mail him and demand him to give them back to you Tongue
The game isn't on Steam yet, but we will take it there once it have left the Alpha state. If you want too, you can pre-order the game from the dwelvers.com website and help out financially until we actually put get the game out on the market Smile

And yes, play Dungeon Keeper Wink
Good morning, and welcome. Before you know it Ras' ears are gonna be bleeding with all the input we are getting on the game. It's nice to see you're already giving feedback as this is really what is going to help get the game out faster. So again welcome to the group, and keep that input coming.

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