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Solved & Confirmed 0.9d - DM Storage Off-load
The button to export out all resources on the DM isn't working. Perhaps this is related tot he resolution to this issue.


So after a couple hours of playing, the DM did finally start off-loading storage, but I'm not sure what triggered this to finally happen. I didn't change pathing in any way. I did have an Imp stranded on a bridge without access off of it and maybe this was causing the issue, but I thought this problem had been resolved a long time ago when lack off paths where halting production because Imps weren't releasing tasks even if they couldn't get there.
I will look into it, thank you Smile
Can you reproduce it through savegames?

Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
I'll see what I can do, but if it is a pathing/job assignment issue those get reset at game load so I don't know if a save game will help. I had a similar issue where I had 2 farm plots that were stuck in mid-build that I had a save for, but when I loaded the save and someone got assigned to build it. In that case I think the issue was an Imp that was assigned to it died, but since I wasn't totally sure about it all I just made a note to try and reproduce it later.
Hmm, this issue could be directly related to the ladder issue:

The ladder turning don't update the path finding, the same issue is with the fence gates. When they get created they get built in a random direction. Then after that they turn to the right location. If the fence gates get built in the wrong direction and then auto turned, then the fence gate will not work.

If you find the same issue without involving farm land gates, prison gates, or ladders into the equation then we have another problem.

Until then, solved with the next version Smile
Dwelvers 0.9e released, this bug is solved but need confirmation Smile
This one is solved.
Thank you Smile

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