Dwelvers Journal 2015.08.31 - Dwelvers Alpha 0.9e released
2015.08.31 - Dwelvers Alpha 0.9e released


Dwelvers alpha v0.9e has now been released and is available for download at the Dwelvers Website and on Steam.

With the last version I got really good feedback, not only from the Dwelvers forum but also from the steam users. It seems like since 0.9 was released some people have been having some performance issues. I traced it back to when introduced the surface world, and the issue was that with both the dungeon world and the surface world being updated it was a little bit too demanding for the computer. I solved this issue by threading the surface world. Another suggestion I also got was that some people don't like that the path claiming system is limited to 3 tiles away from a player building. So I added an options menu in the production menu where the player can choose how far away (s)he wants the imps to claim land. And of course, many many bugs have been solved Wink

Player controlled path claiming


This topic is about player controlled path claiming.

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CPU performance boost

This topic is about the performance boost.

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Production time has been changed and new mill introduced


This topic is about a new mill design and balanced production time.

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Dwelvers 0.9e version released!

To download it go to Dwelvers website and log in to your account. Once this is done a new tab leading to the Members page should have become available.
Here you can download the latest version.

Changelog - Alpha 0.9e:
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See what was changed & fixed in previous versions here...

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Buy it or try out the demo on Steam:

Buy it from the Dwelvers website:

Download the demo from IndieDB:

Awesome, I didn't see an email on the update and I just logged in since I saw there was some updated comments. May try to do some testing after work, but it is still too busy here.
Thank you Mello Smile
Ekhm, something tells me that was't much time for doing some tests, was it? Wink
I also wondered what Steam did to our news on Steam that it show to public the whole day after hmmm..

Anyway, I see game is much and complex and it takes more and more time to fix bugs or make new features, saying nothing about modifying already existed ones... oh and tutorial I think need some update?

Rasmus, I also didn't get the second mail about new news. Only because I subscribed to News! forum I knew that the new thread has been made here. Did Newscrow go on vacation somewhere? :p
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Yeah I know Sebt, sorry about that. Everything has been a little chaotic for me this week so I took some shortcuts, which I shouldn't have :S

I didn't send out a mail or posted it on FB or anything because I wanted to let it go a day and check if everything worked as it should before I did it. Which it didn't...

0.9e-2 version released. If the production and fluid bugs has been solved with it I will make the 0.9e-2 announcement.
Nice, I'm gonna check it out soon. I tried playing yesterday, and it was just not possible to get a stable game going. Glad you got a patch out so quick.
Great to hear Rasmus, our dungeon overlords will be really glad especially for patch related to some storage delivering issues. Cool

I remember we talked about releasing fresh, possibly unstable version for backers to let them to test game then to release after full bug fixation a stable version on Steam, so we could get better reviews and less negative or bug fix asking posts on Steam shop and have always happy players that could recommend Dwelvers. Smile

But now I see it's not that easy, hmm... it's impossible to have our own bugtesters, they would need to be paid for their time spent on testing the game, so... maybe we should create a spirit of bugtesting community, somehow communicate that each fresh version is possibly UNSTABLE and requires very good examination, focus on problem solving and also requires Rasmus to quickly respond for their reports about critical, game-breaking bugs (that may need you to check forums more often on first days of new version release) - and that "announcement" have to see new players too - I see information that Dwelvers is an "early access game" is not enough and some still treat Dwelvers as full game... you know it's better to let people understand that quickly given and detailed report about any bug is the best remedy for their frustration caused by some crash or critical bug... Smile

We also always have a long list of "Solved, but need confirmation" bugs that rarely are actually checked (thankfully we have Mello, but even he have very limited time for butesting), maybe we should always in news ask for help to confirm them? I wish we could somehow reward them, maybe in some sort of exclusive for bug testing achievements?
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
Personally, I just find it rewarding to help out when I can, but with the growth of my business in the past few months I have found it hard to balance that with time with family and friends and still have the time as I did have to help bug test. It is encouraging to see a steady growth in the forum membership and those who have joined in to help find issues because the more people we have looking for things, the better the game will be across many different hardware platforms.

I do think it is a good idea to test some of these releases as we did before 0.9 got released, but this is probably not as optimal a solution as you mentioned with each and every new revision. I saw it suggested that a rollback feature could be implemented which seems to me as a good method of allowing those who just want to play around with the game and not actively bug test do so. It would be nice if we could mark a revision as stable given enough testing so that when a new patch arrives as 0.9e did, we could have a button allowing us to play the last stable version. Obviously it will still likely have bugs, but to be considered stable it would need to meet certain requirements such as: functional production chain and resource storage, stable creature production, and minimal number of users reporting crashes at startup.
Yes, I thought even that there could be always one stable and one latest (marked as possibly unstable so) version on Steam and website available to buy (demo of course would be one and made on stable version), but then we somehow would need to make both versions for one price, so the idea of "rollback option" could work the best here. I think players when launching the game should always be able to chose which version could they play, so stable (can be set as default) and newest.

Anyway as it's a good idea and I also wish to see it implemented as this doesn't solve the problem of giving players ability to check newest features in stable build. That's why we have to implement the feel that each new version needs players feedbacks and ideas, to report ASAP critical bugs and crashes, then force Rasmus to really fast hotfixing those criticals by and finally release free of those criticals game version.

Look how long players had to wait for hotfix for this version, I think that took too long (6 days), it should take max up to 3 days (if criticals are solvable in that time - anyway if yes or not developer should inform how long would it take to solve those critical issues and if possible say about approximate time of hotfixed version release and of course he has to meet with that obligation).
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
Yeah I think that's the longest we've had to wait for a fix. They generally haven't ran more than 3 days. The problem though with estimating a time for a resolution is that you really don't know how long that's going to take. Instead I think it's just important that we get some acknowledgement of the issue and that it's being worked on. Rasmus has a tendency to say a couple days, and there have been times where that estimate turned into a couple weeks instead so I really think time tables are a bad thing because they can work against you if people are expecting an exact estimate. Unfortunately everyone isn't patient...
This is a sensitive issue. I think the best way to handle it is to add a way to let the player choose between different versions of the game and by doing that returning to a more stable version. This would make it less stressful for me and less frustrating for the community when a game breaking bug is out there.
Sure. A simple dropdown menu in game launcher with two choices - Chose version: Stabile and Latest could fix the problem. Smile
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
0.9e-3 version released. If everything works as it should by tomorrow I will make the announcement Smile
Man, too bad I'm just now getting home from work at 10:41, and I have an early day tomorrow. Murphy is messin with me hard today.
just played for a few hours.. looks stable to me. Had to change my normal setup a lil bit and put in more flour making vats and decided to test two 2x2 farm plots with 2 wells and 3 flour makers. For a long time i never had any surplus bread or ale, but both are now starting to accrue. I think the main issue of not seeing a surplus building up is coz i had built 9 tables in my bar and it took an hour or so to keep all the tables filled with food.

noticed there were no cave-ins close to the mother which i was happy with. Smile

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