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Feedback/Modification Creature Mechanic - Task priorities revamp idea
Id like to be able to select what each imp's job will be. Instead of them all doing stuff based on tasks priority.

You could keep the current tasks screen but instead of arrows showing priority, we just select what each minion will concentrate on. Yes alot more micro management but I think that would be a good thing. Being able to customize our workforce.
Like in the start, we select all imps for digging, then as rooms are built we start peeling off dedicated workers. As less imps are set to digging, the orcs can take over digging. I think orcs should be military and diggers only.
I personally would set one imp to dig/store only and not eat or drink. Work till dead. Mwhaha
For me this is just way too much micromanagement. When you consider the numbers of Imps in play, it would be overwhelming to keep track of who is doing what, where there is need to add or subtract workers, or maintain a productive chain of production. At some point I would hope the auto assignment would be refined enough so that I never get to the point that I have nearly 150 Imps to manage. If I had to do what you suggest one by one, I would very likely lose interest in playing.
Wouldn't be done one by one. There could be categories to separate them, and when doing the selecting it could be single imp or multiple's. Select 25 imps and say your diggers etc. (for example)
I was thinking of how it is in timber and stone. Game starts, pause, your dudes have random skills that you need to tweak before getting under way.
Hadn't played that one before, but I know since the beginning it has been repeated that these things will be pretty much autonomous, but who knows that may change. I was pretty surprised to see us being able to manually send squads to a spot by click so maybe it'll evolve to that. Personally I kinda like them moving on their own. It has gotten much better excluding this latest patch, and really I would love to see it optimized to a point I don't have more than 50 Imps to get things done.

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