Feature Upgrade Room Mechanic & Idea - Production time has been changed and new mill introduced
Something that has been bugging me for some time is the mill in the farm room, the player can make one mill and 30 farm lands and still the mill are able to grind it all into flour. This is because it was designed wrong, the antroots are grinded instantly and requires the imps attention at all time. Because the imps are required at the mill then I can't make it so that it takes longer time to grind the antroots. So I had to redo the mill, I needed a mill that could grind the antroot for itself while the imps where doing something else. That is where the rats came in Tongue

What do you think about this design?


So the production time, this is what I did... First I set a constant value of 2 minutes that all the production buildings shares, the antroot takes two minutes to grow, and the mill takes two minutes to grind an antroot, the baking table takes two minutes to bake bread and the brewery takes two minutes to brew beer etc.

In this way we get a stable production chain where one farm land, one mill and one well can support one baking table without having an excess of antroot or flour laying around. I believe this system will make it much easier to balance the game as it expands. If we want something to go faster or slower then we just divide the production time with the constant value so that we keep the production time in relations to the standard value.

This mill is introduced in the new 0.9e-3 version Smile
Nice! The addition of the cheese motivator is fan-tas-tic!
This is hilarious! Also I wonder if Imps need food to live and work it would have sense if you could feed your rats too. Big Grin
So I think when machine doesn't do anything there could be an animation of rats (barely noticed there are two not one) eating something from a small trough filled with some food installed behind the wheel in it's center, in front of the mill. What do you think about that?
Of course you can always make rats hiding after finishing job in the mill where is their house and make them appearing when it's time to work, implementing this idea instead of idea above.
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Haha, I really like the house idea for the rats Big Grin That would probably be easier to do than having them running around the mill and eating stuff while being in idle mode.
Thats so cool. I honestly did not even know there was a rat in a wheel or that awesome cheese motivator. Need to zoom in more Tongue

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