Feedback/Modification Creature Mechanic - Behind the scenes tour...
Hello Rasmus,

I was wondering if you might consider giving us an inside look at the AI as it relates to creatures. In trying to separate bugs/glitches from normal intended game mechanics, it would be useful to understand what the normal mechanics actually are.

For instance, Lets take an orc.

How often does it get tired, hungry, or thirsty? How much resources do they need to satisfy these needs?
How does the level up process work? (what causes it and how does higher level effect the creature?)
What is the minimum room sizes/room devices needed to satisfy 1 orc?

I chose an orc because they seem to not do much besides fight and occasionally break a block. I know that something like an imp would be a lot more complicated.

Thanks for your time.
I would love to answer this, but it is very complicated to describe and it would probably take a day for me to go over all the material. There are some topics here and there describing how some of the basic game mechanics works in detail, but many of these has also been somewhat altered since then.

About the Orc and other creatures. In the game folder -> media -> creatures -> orc.xml you can check out some of the creatures attributes, and if you would like to you can also modify them Smile

I will need to get back to you on this later, I really need to get this explained to the community because as you said, if the game mechanics aren't understood, then they could as well be misunderstood and be interpreted as a bug.

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