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Solved & Confirmed 0.9e-4 - Bar not stocked
In the recent hotfix 9e-4 i had trouble when i built a bar. the food and beer weren't transferred to the tables. Production halted, in that the imps would deliver stock to the bar, but the bar's stock total didn't rise, in a continual ferry loop.
Do you have a savegame I can check out?
Been playing most of the day, and I haven't had an issue with the Bar Room not getting stocked. Managed to dig out quite a large dungeon today too. Smile
I have found the bug and fixed it, solved with the next upcoming version!
What were the conditions that caused this? I only played on the one map the other day so maybe I didn't trigger the things to make this happen.
Dwelvers 0.9e-5 released. This bug is solved but need confirmation Smile
Again in hotfix 5 I'm not seeing this issue. I'm curious to know what conditions created this problem if you can elaborate.
I had the same issue in the last version. Imps would move the food/drinks to the flag tile. Then they would pick up the items and move them to the edge of the flag tile and drop them and the stuff would end up back on the floor of the flag tile. Sometimes, if the table was right next to the flag tile, the food would appear for a split second on the platter, then it would go right back to the flag tile floor.

I fixed this by deleting tables and building them randomly around the room until 1 of them took (items made it to the platter). From that point on, the room would work correctly regardless of how I re-arranged the tables and stools.

This issue happened to me every time. The only thing that I do that may be different them some is that I don't surround my rooms with walls. I generally place the rooms butted up against each other. I usually create a bar room that is 3 x 5 tiles so I can have a 3-tile long rectangular table in the center surrounded by chairs.

<EDIT> After 5 games and hours of playtime, I have not seen this problem pop up at all. My vote is that it is FIXED.
Yeah now the flag is moved when an object occupies the space. Solved.
Thank you Big Grin

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