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Already reported 0.9e-4 - Stuck at the Top of a Ladder
This is a pretty funny one I noticed today. When my Imps were delivering materials to a job site where they had to take a ladder to get there, they would get stuck at the top of the ladder for a bit. After a while they managed to move on to the delivery, but they looked pretty silly for a while.

[Image: 21ByR.gif]
Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
Hey Mello,

What software do you use to record and convert to GIF? This would be extremely useful to know.

I use a combination of things. First I use Bandicam to record the video. The free version is more than capable to record small snip-its like this, and the hotkeys allow you to record in full screen easily. I then play the video and use GifCam (also free) to create the AniGif. I leverage Adobe Fireworks to edit slides if need be, but I'm sure most graphics editing software is capable. The one in GifCam kinda sucks.

I then use this site EZGif to optimize it if it is too large, and I post everything using FunkyIMG since it is a very clean site for image hosting. While many of the images I post here are JPGs, sometimes I make PNGs for images with transparencies or other features not usable in JPGs, and I optimize them on Kraken.
I am very sure that this issue is directly related to this one:

And as that one is the earliest reported I have quoted this one into that post and made this one as already reported.

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