Solved & Confirmed 0.9e-5 - Piggeh Fetches Again
I know this was fixed before, but looks like he's back at it in 0.9e...

[Image: 21DBA.jpg]
I noticed this, too. I was wondering at first why they were wandering around...
I noticed that in the last version. Just forgot to fix it argh...

Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes!
Solved with the next version!

With the creatures being able to work in rooms (such as the piggeh) they got the ability to pick up items from the ground. That is when this bug first arrived, I solved it before by adding another attribute to the creatures if they were able to pick up items outside the rooms, and for the piggeh I sat it to false. This made him unable to pick up items outside the rooms, but the issue was still there as the piggeh was still allowed to pick up items in enemy rooms, such as in the catacombs room after a chest has been opened. So now I have added one more check so that an enemy room is regarded as no room at all.
Dwelvers Alpha 0.9f2 released, this bug is now solved but need confirmation (from players) Sleepy

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