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Game Dumb questions
Hello all.

I have a few probably dumb questions that even after 60+ hours in the game I don't have answers to.

1. What is a 'creative game'?
2. What is 'progression mode'?
3. How do you fish?
4. What is the point of gathering water and lava? to build a moat?
5. Where do crafting recipes come from?
6. How do you recruit knights? Prison? and on that note...
7. How does the prison work?
8. Do creatures actually use the archery targets in the training room? I have never seen anyone use them.
9. What do fireplaces do in the bedroom?
10. Is the Dark Mother just a head or is there a massive body underneath?
11. What is the meaning of the word 'Dwelvers'? Is this an alternate version of 'Delvers'?
12. How do you cancel the building of a block?
13. Where is the squad icon located at? In my stupidity, I can't find it...

Thanks for your time.
1. Pretty much the same as Easy except no portal agro
3. Build a bridge next to a school of fish
4. You can drop them for design or defense. Enemy Rouges will build bridges over them however.
5. Once you claim an item you can craft it
6. Build a prison, right-click on the Prison when a Knight is captured, and select feed to DM
7. Fallen enemies are automatically brought there if picked up before they rot
8. No, despite Impanzees being ranged none use the targets
9. Aesthetics
12. Sometimes you can click on it with the same construction type selected, or sell the tile
13. Not an icon. Select a group then assign a squad with Ctrl+number
Thanks for the good info!

Just to clarify on this:

Quote:3. Build a bridge next to a school of fish

Will 1 tile of bridge work? Can the fish school be in any direction next to the bridge tile?

I ask because I still can't seem to get anyone to fish... Do I need to somehow assign someone to fish an area?

I also notice that enemies will build wood bridges, but the only option I see for players is a stone bridge. Does this make any difference?

Thank you
You can fish from either bridge type now. The bridge just must be adjacent to the fish in any direction. After you build a bridge, you need a bed for a Fishman so the DM will start spawning them as those are the only creatures who fish now.
diagonal adjacent doesn't work. the fish spots can run out of big healthy fish and will become small baby ones (regen over time), so it helps to have a good supply of say 6 fishing spots. The more bridge tiles you have the higher the recruit chance of fishmen. build a road to the fish spots so the fishmen travel faster b/w mother and fish.
Tongue yeah I guess I was too broad with using adjacent.

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