My New Idea Construction Mechanic - Green arrow for single wall block build
Rasmus, last month we talked about this.(On steam) I forget the thread. I suggested a green arrow on single wall blocks, by holding shift so you can click and drag to get the arrow without dragging a row of walls. The green arrow is where any imps would teleport too after wall is built with them inside it.
You added it to your To-Do list for the Future(unknown version)

I thought of something less difficult. Less to program I would assume(No need to script the whole shift-click thing for specific item).
When imps are inside a built block and get teleported (usually to the wrong side of wall causing frustrating rescue attempts or a "F it that imp can stay stuck") have them Always appear on whatever side is Closest facing to the Dark Mother. Thus, with simple creative thinking the player can control where the imps will always appear, and plan accordingly.
Wouldnt that be easyier/faster to release? (*cough*0.9f nopressure*cough*) Smile
True, this will probably be easier. We can do it so that the creature gets teleported to the shortest distance to a player owned storage room.
Wouldnt the DM be better, considering we might have random storerooms?
Well, the DM could always be prioritized, but in the end I don't think it would make that much of a difference. Well, we will see Smile Good suggestion!
Only difference I can see is, the DM guarantees the player knowing what tile the imp will appear on, so we can plan/build accordingly.
This has now been fixed with the next version, not a green arrow, but the creatures always gets teleported to the closest room that belongs to the same player that has worker in it. This should be enough I think because now they will never lock themselves in.

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