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Website Dwelvers has a wiki...
Lol I just realized that there is a wiki page here.

I found this part to be very interesting:


The player will also have the option to cast spells as soon as the Library and the Dark Church has been built.

In the library Vampires, Dark Angels, Reapers and Demigods can research spells for you, and the higher the creature’s upgrade is, the stronger spells can be researched.

The Dark Churches are used for creatures to come and pray to you, and as their prayers reach you, your mana will increase. This mana can then be used as a currency when casting spells that has been researched.

If the player announces to the creatures that they are soon to go to war, they will prepare by being well rested and by stocking up their health and mana potions. As the time for the attack approaches they will go to the Dark Churches and pray for a successful battle, and thereby filling up the Dark Lord’s mana reserves so that he can cast all the spells he needs when the battle comes.

The player can also command certain creatures to devote their life to the church. These creatures will pray daily to the Dark Lord, but as a downside they will become pacifists.

Is this still in the works? I look forward to seeing it!!!

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