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Feedback/Modification Room Idea - New combined room - Restaurant
Would it be plausible to merge the cookery with the bar to create a 'Restaurant'? Sort of like how the farm and mills are combined.

This way it would make more sense in regards to getting the minions fed. It is odd that you can collect fish, but not feed the creatures until you have a baking table or brewing vat.

The buildable items would be:
Baking Table
Brewing Vat
<optional new items>
**fish station**
**Service counter**
**Stage area (for band/bard)**
**Host Podium**
**Table with Tablecloth/candle**
**Dining Chair**
**Bar (no platter, drinks only)**
Then it would make sense to have the Impanzee waiters that was discussed elsewhere Wink

-- That just put an image in my head of Piggehs yelling 'It's RAW!' like Gordon Ramsey...

<Edit added a few more room item ideas>
I do like this idea, it will make the bar-room / cookery room more alive. What do you others think?
It's likely as the game gets more productions that this would also need to be applied to other future possible rooms so we don't end up with a litany of room types to build and really what is the more important thing is the room's content. Good idea Xaos!
I like the idea of upgrading an existing room with another base room and having a combined new room with otherwise unbuildable items.

I'm just gonna brainstorm some room mixtures now, if it bothers no one (disclaimer, I may have had one too many beers tonight):

Metalworks + Tavern = Alchemist!
Research weapons/armor upgrades, make potions, make powder for the hydraulic cannons, etc.
Farm + Cookery = Fast food joint!
Creatures can pickup food from it without sitting so they'll continue working; all the while slowing down the hunger meter, but without actually feeding.
Trading + Metalworks/Cookery/Training grounds = Specialized trading post!
Specialized posts get a bonus when trading items relevant to the mixed room.
Trading + Storage = Bank!
Ok, I'm really stretching it, you guys are gonna have to give a hand here...
ME TOO!!! and because of that you're obligated to post a Last Post Wins...I'm still waiting...

Lol. Overlord, you're running out of BURGERRRS!!!!11 Feed'em with some GMO chips instead if you think you can't handle burgers! :d

But seriously, I like the idea to have any mixing abilities which you could use to transform anything into something that player find useful in certain condition... or in contrary give a headache. :d
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Hmm, so this is something I want to put a pin into. It can be done later in the development without having to backtrack as the buildings inside the rooms just get moved to another room.

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