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Might I suggest that you have a stickied post with a Frequently Asked Questions list for people who are too lazy to use the search function on the forums?

...'Hides head in shame'
No! You have to use damn search bar! Cool Big Grin

I know it's not perfect, that's why we decided to make Ideas & Game Features list (which is not anymore updated unfortunately because it takes much time to update it) and list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes. For more threads there were no demand to make any list or FAQ, but actually the game is still changing during it's development -question about the same thing can have different answer since last time it was asked, so any more questions are welcomed. Smile

And generally speaking - FAQs are ever hungry beasts that expands and expands, every related to game features, mechanics, etc. should be explained in sort of game encyclopedia which... well is in the making, but there were some people who helped us making it, which is really really really helpful.
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